Review of GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia N95. Music

“It may be safely said that Nokia N95 is among the music-minded smartphones by Nokia, even though the manufacturer itself does not deliberately spotlight that, preferring to push all features of the device. The package the N95 comes in indicates that this solution will cater for music lovers as well as everybody else.The left-hand side houses a 3,5 mm audio jack, used for plugging in custom earphones, i.e. those you have grown fond of. The bundled headphones simply radiate style, with the armored cable in transparent braiding. There is a plastic clip on the wire, so that you can always shorten the cord by hooking the cable with it. The headphones that come boxed with the N95 are not in the running for the best-sounding earphones around, being inferior both to those coming with Nokia 3250 and Nokia N91. If you want to make the most of this device, you should better have custom headphones plugged in.” Read this nice review here to learn more about Nokia N95 music capabilities..

How to Add WiFi to a Palm Treo 750

“Unfortunately, Palm opted not to include built-in Wi-Fi with the Treo 750 Windows Mobile PDA Phone. As disappointing as this omission might be for many users, there is good news; 802.11b Wi-Fi can be added to the Treo by way of its onboard miniSD card slot. This slot supports SDIO peripherals, allowing you to add functionality with add-on cards.In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add Wi-Fi to the Treo 750 and how to make the software adjustments necessary to use it. ” Read this nice tutorial if you want Wi-Fi with your Treo 750 here:

Dual name for a new imate communicator

“The recent i-mate’s 2007 roadmap leakage offers specs and an image of the communicator dubbed P30. Scheduled for January 2007 the release hasn’t taken place yet. According to the image below, this is the JAMA communicator previously rumored in news blocks. Eventually the communicator will be released, but somewhat later than planned.The specs of i-mate P30:
GSM/GPRS (dual-band)
Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
Samsung 300 MHz processor
2.4” TFT LCD, 240×320
64 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
2-megapixel camera
Bluetooth 2.0
16 mm thick” via