LG KE970 Shine review: High gloss, high class

“LG has made a name for their fashionable handsets. The appearance of the original LG Chocolate took the mobile market by storm. The next high-end mobiles by the manufacturer tried to retain the “wow” factor while in the same time developing the functionality more and more. The LG KE970 Shine really shined in our hands and in the eyes of all the people around us as it provoked deep interest and fascination. Well, we liked the device at first glance and we were more than hesitant to explore its capabilities.” Read this big review here:

Review of GSM/UMTS handset Sony Ericsson K810i

“The functional keys above the display have grown in size and ease-of-use aspect, and what’s more there are now captions on the casing standing for what they do. The socket of the main speaker has been cut down and now lacks metal grill, which makes it less appealing in some respect, but again, it is all about Sony Ericsson K800i’s being made of metal, while the K810i is more staid, fashion-charged. It seemed to me that during a call the K810i was harder to line up with my ear properly, since the sound was sometime muffled due to a grill like that.” Read more here: