Twin Spin Deluxe is out for Palm, Pocket PC and Win Mobile Smartphone!

“Pure fun with only one key Twin Spin Deluxe is the very first one-key game Pack released by Filao. Control a pair of spinning balls that travels in a colorful world : you have to hit all the balloons and make them explode to reach the next level. Many obstacles and bonuses lay in your way. Discover a very simple and addictive gameplay that will take you through more than 70 challenging levels. Twin Spin Deluxe includes the following games: Twin Spin, Twin Spin 2 and Twin Spin 3. (Original concept from GlobZ)” Normal Price: $19.95 Special Price: $10.95 until 4/17/2007Check this nice game for Palm OS here: for Pocket PC here: and for Window Smartphone here:

Sun acquires Java based mobile phone OS

Sun Microsystems announced today that it is acquiring the assets of SavaJe Technologies and will reveal further details at its JavaOne conference next month. SavaJe’s claim to fame is its Java-based embedded operating system, which was shown running in a mobile phone at JavaOne last May.The “Jasper S20” mobile phone (pictured above), made by GSPDA (Group Sense Limited PDA) and running SavaJe’s Java-based mobile phone OS, won “Device of the Show” honors at Sun’s JavaOne conference in May of 2006.SavaJe touts its Java-based mobile phone OS as being built from the kernel up for Java, but not “Java on bare metal,” since a small multi-tasking, multi-threaded kernel manages the hardware resources and sits below the JVM. The deal could potentially place Sun — whose Java technology resides in hundreds of millions of mobile phones already — squarely in competition with the major mobile phone OS players: Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Linux. ” Find out more here:

Review of PDA Asus My Pal A686

“The A686 comes in conventionally-looking rectangular form without protruding details and slightly rounded edges and spines. The PDA’s face has metal finish that goes along the perimeter and partly touches the side plates. Black plastic is used for the display’s frame. Our review unit had silver front plate; however they are now planning to launch three extra trims: gold, blue and light blue. At that, the only part that varies in color is the front fascia, whereas the rest of the casing remains coated in black.” Read more here:

Phoenix Mobile Technology V3 GSM/GPRS Mobile Phone

PHOENIX.JPG“Phoenix Mobile Technology be coming out with another great new phone, the V3. The handsets is a GSM/GPRS mobile phone from its Victoria Series. It has a stylish candybar design and supports dual-SIM operation.The V3 makes use of a 1.3MP digital camera used for still image capture and video recording. The display is a moderately sized 2.5” color TFT display with a resolution of 416×352. Other features also incorporated into the phone is an media player which supports mp3 and MPEG-4 playback The V3 is also capable of e-mail, calendar voice recording, JPEG file browsing, to-do list, alarm clock, unit converter, currency converter, world clock and stopwatch.. Data connectivity is offered and is available through GPRS, WAP and USB. The phone measures 50x15x105mm. One of the phones drawbacks is a short 2.6 hours of talk time with a fully charged battery. Pricing and availability is unknown.” via