Mio's C317 handheld GPS watches, records DMB TV

Mio unveiled a new GPS navigation with a DMB receiver for watching TV. But they didn’t stop there; they also threw in DMB recording capability. The new Mio C317 has a spacious 4.3″ screen and it features a SiRF Star III GPS receiver for navigation. As far as TV goes, you can, thanks to PIP (picture in picture), view it while navigating. The only downside is the fact that there’s no HDD on board so you’re gonna have to rely on some high capacity SD/MMC cards (supports upto 8GB) to store your favorite show.” via navigadget.com

Flagship head to head: Nokia E90 versus HTC Advantage

E90 versus HTC Advantage “Finding valid comparisons for devices from the competing Symbian OS and Windows Mobile world isn’t always trivial and this is one of the hardest pairs to match up. Yet both communicators sit right at the top of each product line and, despite the form factor differences, match well in terms of overall specification. Can either of them really replace a laptop?It’s safe to say that, at well over 600 Pounds, SIM-free, the pretensions of both devices are fairly high – after all, you can buy a capable notebook PC these days for far less. So how do the Nokia E90 and HTC Advantage X7500 measure up and how well do they perform the basics of work on the road?” Read more here:

LG brings Google phone to Europe with Symbian S60!

“LG rolled out its latest ‘super 3G’ handset this week, pitching its Symbian-based slider phone, the KS10, as a web-browsing wonder: it has Google pre-installed.The KS10 incorporates a 2.4in, 240 x 320, 262,144-colour display; two-megapixel autofocus camera; Bluetooth stereo audio and all the other features you’d expect from a modern multimedia handset. There’s 80MB of on-board memory that can be expanded with MicroSD cards.The phone uses Nokia’s S60 user interface, and has Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger pre-loaded. Not quite the much-rumoured Google-branded handset then, but close enough.” via reghardware.co.uk

The HTC X7500 (Advantage) Reviewed

“If you think this device is too big for a phone or if you are the guy who told me its one-handed use is terrible, please stand up. You are dismissed. You may go now. Thank you for your time. Now for the rest of you, my intent in this review is to focus on the X7500’s usability. There are really only two things about this device that make it different from other Windows Mobile devices. It has an 8gb hardrive, and most importantly it has a 5 inch screen. This is one of the most significant changes we have seen in a Windows Mobile device. There have been lots of innovative changes made to converged devices, but few in the area of mobile computing. With the X7500 I like to call it “non-desktop computing” The 5 inch screen enhances the viewing capabilities of Windows Mobile by leaps and bounds, as I will show later with screen shots and pictures.” Read this nice review here:

Samsung unveils the Symbian OS smartphone SGH i400

Sp3220070418134139“Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading provider of mobile phones and telecommunication systems, today showcased its latest Symbian OS smartphone SGH-i400 at S60 summit in Madrid, Spain.The Samsung i400 is perfect for users who want to have all of the advanced features of a smartphone in a slim and stylish design. The new smartphone i400 is based on Symbian OS and S60 which offer extensive language supports, enhanced download applications and multitasking features. With Symbian S60, the Samsung i400 allows its users to install programs on their mobile phones just like PCs. The stylish slider phone supports full web browsing and Bluetooth connectivity for active business users. To enhance its multimedia features, the Samsung i400 also includes 2 Megapixel camera, music key and stereo dual speaker. Moreover, the i400 has a 2.3” wide display for the convenient use of business and multimedia functions.S.P. Yoon, Vice President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network Business said, “We are happy to introduce our new Symbian based smartphone SGH-i400 which follows the earlier release of SGH-i520, the first Symbian OS smartphone. We can provide a convenient mobile phone experience for our users by adopting Symbian S60.” He added, “Samsung is excited to present new smartphones to our customers around the world, and we will continue to reveal new models to fit our customers’ needs.”The i400 will be launched in Russia from July 2007 and to be expanded in other European countries shortly.” via koreanewswire.co.kr