ViewRanger navigation for Symbian S60 got updated!

“Augmentra has released an update to its ViewRanger application – version 2.3. This application allows handling the navigation department of smartphones running S60. As the manufacturer claims, ViewRanger is a perfect solution for everyone fond of travilling and geocaching, at that it can manage both inbuilt receivers and those connected over Bluetooth.Change log: TripView – displays a range of statistics about your current journey. You can configure which statistics are shown and can choose from several different screen layouts. The statistics include values such as distance, speed, average speed, time moving, estimated time of arrival, altitude and pace. You can save different combinations and layouts as profiles, and step through the profiles with the arrow keys. Track & Route Analysis – for a track you can display graphs of speed, altitude, GPS altitude and distance against time. You can display these individually or superimposed. For a route you can display a graph of altitude against distance. Buddy Beacon – you can send your location to the ViewRanger server. If you give friends your details, they can see your location either using their own copy of ViewRanger or using a web page. The application retails for 24,99 Pounds. You can upload a demo or purchase the program here.” via

Toshiba PHS WX320T Personal Handyphone System

Toshiba PHS WX320T Personal Handyphone System “Toshiba unveiled the new WX320T cell phone featuring a large 2.4″ QVGA LCD display and long-life battery. The PHS (Personal Handyphone System) terminal comes with an integrated antenna and is compliant with advanced W-OAM audio terminal and 4x packet transmission modes.The browser is equipped with NetFront browser (my personal favorite), and comes with document viewer (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF). For business users, it’s also got an IC recorder function.The PHS terminal takes in microSD memory cards for expansion, as well as a 1.3 megapixel camera. It is compatible with MIDP 2.0 for Java games and apps.” via