Asus EEE 701 ultra low cost Linux laptop announced

“Asus and Intel have been hidden away in a secret basement somewhere trying to come up with a sub $300 notebook like device and they might have suceeded.The upcoming Asus 701 Eee is a notebook form factor subnotebook in many ways similar to the announced Palm Foleo.Not a lot of details were released but they said it will have 512mb RAM, the new ultramobile Intel chipset, and a 7inch screen.It is going to have 2, 4, or 8gb of some sort of flash RAM.It isn’t clear what o/s it will be running yet. One person said the o/s he saw wasn’t windows and took about 15 seconds to boot but who knows? Engadget China reported that it will have Linux on it saying that it has been tested with XP.It has a modem, LAN, and WiFI built in for good connectivity.Asus is very firm that it’s starting price will be $200” via