Asus EEE Linux PC First Thoughts

“The Asus EEE uses a Linux based OS that Asus has customized themselves. Combine a small Linux footprint OS with a flash based hard drive and what results is this speedy startup that the device has. Just because the OS is light doesn’t mean it doesn’t do much. There’s a ton of software features on board that will most definitely serve all of your basic needs. You can browse the web using FireFox, use Skype with the built-in web cam and microphone, open Word and Excel docs and edit them, view photos, listen to music files, use AOL IM, MSN messenger or just about any other major chat client via Kopete. In other words, all the basic functions you perform on a PC you can do on the EEE PC.” Read more about this nice Foleo competitor here:

Sony Ericsson posts big jumps in revenue, profit and unit volumes

“Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications grew by between one-third and one-half in the three key metrics for the second quarter, posting huge jumps in revenue, profit and volume shipments. The results may well confound analysts who have wondered whether the joint venture could sustain its recent, remarkable growth. Sony Ericsson said second-quarter revenue reached $4.3 billion, a 37% increase from $3.1 billion in the year-ago quarter. Net income in the second quarter reached $303 million, a 54% jump from $197 million a year ago. Volume shipments surged to nearly 25 million units in the second quarter, a nearly 60% jump over the 15.7 million shipped in the second quarter of 2006. The company’s average selling price declined to $172 in the second quarter, from $199 a year-ago, a result the company said was expected as it pursued the sale of low- and mid-tier products in its portfolio, in part to generate market share. Sony Ericsson estimated that it had grown its market share 3% over the year-ago quarter for a current 9% global market share. ” via