LG and Samsung: most entertainment ready

“According to the survey carried out by Parks Associates, LG- and Samsung-branded handsets have the upper hand on the US market when it comes to entertainment content and features, specifically mobile television, music and games. Among the users of LG and Samsung phones, 12% and 11% respectively claimed that they had access to mobile TV over their devices. Whereas for owners of Motorola solution it comes to 8%, and for Nokia – a dreadful 0%.South Korean phones are lead in terms of music uploads – as Parks Associates puts it, 22% of LG’s handsets users and 20% of all owners of Samsung-branded devices make use of this feature on their gadgets, at that only 6% of Nokia’s followers download music to their phones.” via mobile-review.com

Nokia Navigation Kit for N800 Internet Tablet Review

“We tried out the GPS device initially in a small, rural town in Northern Nevada. In an open Jeep, it gained a location fix quickly, and kept us entertained with odd, synthesized Britishisms mixed into the directions. “There, that wasn’t really so bad now, was it?” its default “Christopher” voice might announce, as we neared our destination. However, the N800’s screen fared poorly in direct sunshine, even turned up all the way, a setting bound to drain the battery very quickly. And, we worried about how long the receiver and N800 might survive in the Jeep, let alone on a bicycle or backpack. Neither unit is sealed in any way against dust and water infiltration, making them pretty impractical in any kind of camping situation — arguably something a couple of plastic bags might fix. Additionally, the N800’s battery life will be much, much shorter than that of a typical handheld GPS, which can go all day.” Read more here: