DataViz Offers a Free Documents To Go Viewer for Motorola's New MOTO Z8

z8-dataviz “DataViz today announced the availability of a free viewer of its Documents To Go for Motorola’s latest multimedia slider phone, the MOTO Z8. At a $19.99 value, the free Documents To Go viewer edition, is specifically tailored for Motorola’s newest Symbian OS phone and will enable users to open and view Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.MOTO Z8 customers can register and download a free copy of the Documents To Go viewer (a $19.99 value) at . The free Documents To Go viewer is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. This special limited time introductory promotion is being offered July 17th – August 31st. A Documents To Go Premium edition which will include the ability to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as view PDF files and decompress zip archives will be available later in the year. ” via

Nokia makes finding yourself faster with new A GPS service

This Assisted GPS (A-GPS) service helps Nokia Maps users find their current locations faster and get to their desired locations quicker using their Nokia mobile device with built-in GPS.Nokia intends to equip all of its future devices that have built-in GPS with this service. The first devices to use this service are the Nokia 6110 Navigator, which has begun shipping in select markets, and the most recent software release of the Nokia N95 multimedia computer. Current owners of the Nokia N95 can take advantage of this free* service by using the Nokia Software Updater. This will update the firmware on the device to the latest version.This service has the ability to reduce the time a connected mobile device with built in GPS needs to find its current position, known as time to first fix (TTFF) for most geographical locations worldwide. The reduced fix times can increase and improve the usability for all Nokia location-based experiences. “By decreasing the time wasted while you wait for a first fix, we are increasing the enjoyment that Nokia Maps provides,” says Ralph Eric Kunz, vice-president, multimedia experiences, Nokia. “Consumers now have the comfort of quick fix times which create a better navigation experience when using Nokia Maps.”The service operates in tandem with a technical framework that allows third parties, such as service providers, to provide their own regional A-GPS services, making fix times even faster in certain areas- to the benefit of their subscribers.The Nokia Software Updater is a free PC application that enables people to update the device software on compatible Nokia devices. The Nokia Software Updater is available in almost 40 different languages. The link to Nokia Software Updater is also available in the most recent versions of Nokia PC Suite software. Nokia Software updater has been used over two million times to update Nokia devices since it was introduced almost one year ago.* Assisted GPS (A-GPS) service uses the data network, data fees vary, to check the cost of data transfer services, contact your service provider

2 new portable navigation systems Sanyo “Easy Street” debuted in the US

SANYO announced today the availability of a pair of its advanced portable navigation systems of the Easy Street series on the US market. The NVM-4070 and NvM-4050 are equipped with a large and bright 4” widescreen (16:9) LCD with touch control. In addition both systems have text to speech function, step-by-step navigation with voice tips. Preinstalled maps contain complete data on the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and also Canada and Puerto Rico. There are over 1.8 million points on the maps interesting for drivers and tourists, such as destination of airports, hotels, restaurants and entertainment place on the travel route. The common technical specs for SANYO Easy Street NVM-4070 and NVM-4050: Display – touch-sensitive 4” widescreen (16:9) with glare coating Bluetooth support, navigators can be used as wireless speakerphone and transfer data to a mobile phone, including contacts and SMS Easy interface Voice guide Built-in GPS-antenna MP3 / WMA playback from internal memory or SD cards Stereo jack (3.5 mm) SD slot Besides SANYO Easy Street NVM-4070 features: Traffic Message Channel (a specified implementation of RDS system transmitting info in FM range to communicate weather and traffic conditions) Auto route adjustment Photo (JPEG) and video (MPEG-4) viewer Built-in FM-tuner for wireless playback of music tracks on the car audio systemCurrently SANYO Easy Street NVM-4070 and NVM-4050 arte available at $499.99 and $399.99 respectively.

The Sprint HTC Mogul Review at geardiary!

geardiary sprint htc mogul 01 1 2 3 4 “In addition to offering a fantastic hardware package, the Mogul is also the first CDMA phone to offer Windows Mobile 6 Operating System (as I mentioned, in this case it is the Professional Edition). Of course, I am referring to Windows Mobile 6 as the operating system which it was designed to use, and not one of the many soup kitchen hack job operating systems that have been floating around the Internet lately. As such, in addition to closely scrutinizing the important features of this device, we will also be taking a look at the Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition Operating System. Unlike many reviews, however, we will not be looking at a lot of the technical specifications or giving a detailed overview of the box contents.” Read more here: