HTC S710 Slide Out QWERTY Smartphone Review

“I was surprised by the size of the HTC S710 when I unpacked it. Surprised in a good way, that is, as the device is much smaller than it appears to be in photos. While the hidden QWERTY keyboard does add a little thickness to the device, the S710 is hardly bigger than any other normal handset, smartphone or otherwise. The front of the handset features a silver numeric keypad, a four-way directional pad, and two softkeys, with the send/end, home, and back keys clad in chrome that extends up around the edges of the display. The sides and back of the device feature the soft-touch rubber compound that we love so much around here, with a small silver inset holding the camera and self portrait mirror on the back of the handset. The speaker grille is located next to the camera.A power button can be found on the top of the device, the camera shortcut key on the right, and the volume and voice memo buttons on the left. An extUSB jack, an HTC version of microUSB used for charging, data connections, and headsets, is on the bottom, and a microSD memory card slot is on the right of the device, each protected by the best litter rubber covers I have seen. The covers are robust, yet easy to remove. The positioning of the microSD slot on the top portion of the slide did make it a little hard to put a card in though, as you need to hold the device closed in order to apply the force necessary to insert the card. The SIM card slot can be found on the back of the top portion of the handset, and can be accessed by sliding the device open and unclipping a small door. Quality abounds here.” Read more here:

TibiaME for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Review

“To get started, you’ll need the TibiaME application installed on your phone. It’s available as a Symbian app for S60 3rd Edition phones, S60 1st & 2nd Edition phones and as a Java app for J2ME phones. You can get the Free Version which lets you play the game but with no automatic mapping facility, while the Gold Version costs a one-off charge of $4.99 and has automap, a list of players currently online (you can send online players Instant Messages within the game) and a league table of the top 100 players. The free client is good enough to give you a taste of what TibiaME is like, but if you want to become a serious player it’s highly recommended that you get the gold edition as the automap is essential to progress later in the game.The Free and Gold editions of the game are free to use, with no monthly fees, all you pay for are your phone network’s charges for using the internet connection (which can be avoided if you use wi-fi, or if you have a flat rate data plan). If you pay for data by the kilobyte, you might like to know that TibiaME uses about half a megabyte of data per hour of gameplay. The first game world you enter, called Lybera, is completely accessible to all players, and has plenty of gameplay to get you started.” Read more here:

ASUS R600: a GPS navigator with auto brightness adjustment

“ASUS has unveiled a new GPS-navigator R600. The device is peculiar for a built-in sensor, which can adjust display brightness automatically depending on the light level. In addition the R600 features multimedia capabilities – images, video, music. The navigator supports Bluetooth Handsfree, so the driver can keep attention to the road and answer an incoming call at the same time.The specs of ASUS R600:
Operating system – Windows CE .Net 5.0
CPU – Samsung 400 MHz
Display – 4.3” 480×272 pixels, 65K colors, touchscreen
GPS-receiver on SiRF starIII
SD slot (up to 4 GB)
Bluetooth 2.0 Handsfree
Media player
Battery – 220 mAh, 6 hours of continuous work
Dimensions – 142x83x18 mm
Weight – 260 g” via

Comparitive review: Nokia N95 vs. Sony Ericsson P990

“Nokia N95 can connect to other devices in many ways; WLAN (b/g), Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, 3.6 mbit/s HSDPA & mini USB. In comparison P990’s fastest mobile network connection is 3G. It does have WLAN, too, although it ‘only’ operates at the b-standard.N95 will automatically prompt you about internet usage, dataprofiles and such, if you wish to connect to the internet. This is not the case with P990, and has cost me a lot of money, when switching from WLAN to 3G without any notice.” Read more here: