Free Symbian UIQ 3.1 application testing

motorola-z8-front2.jpg “Developer of the UIQ software platform – UIQ Technology wants to push its non-touchscreen version forward. In that sense, they are offering the possibility to send your UIQ applications to them for free testing on a MOTORIZR Z8. Of course, they’ll send back a test report to you.Basically, UIQ Technology will report back whether the application could be installed, started and/or used on MOTORIZR Z8, along with the additional comments. There are no limitations on the number of applications submitted, nor on how many times the same application can be re-submitted. Furthermore, the application does not need to be Symbian Signed but requires valid certificates to be installed… More information is available on UIQ’s site, and the application submission page is located here.Go ahead, use this opportunity to test your existing UIQ 3 apps. Their initiative ends on September 30th. Hopefully, by then we’ll have MOTORIZR Z8 widely available along with more 3rd party applications.” via

Foleo Processor Details Revealed?

“A Flickr user has posted a new series of new pictures of the Palm Foleo in action at a recent ‘sneak preview’. One shot in particular reveals what could be definitive information on the processor type and speed, which Palm has yet to officially declare.This image of the Foleo’s info screen seems to indicate the Foleo will use a PXA27x applications processor, listed as “XScale-Bulverde rev 7 (v5l)”. The same screenshot shows a 415.33 MHz CPU clock speed. This is the same line of processors found in the Palm Treo series and a number of other smartphones on the market today. It is not clear if the chip itself is limited to 415MHz, as the PXA27x series of chips include SpeedStep technology, which allows the operating system to control the the processor speed based on load to save power. This line of chips was originally released in early 2004. It is available in four different clock speeds: 312 MHz, 416 MHz, 520 MHz and 624 MHz. Another interesting picture from the same photoset shows the underside of the Foleo with the battery cover removed. The battery is comprised of 5 treo battery cells linked together and runs almost the full width of the unit. The battery compartment also hides a Compact Flash slot for additional user storage. The Foleo’s final specifications are still unclear as Palm has not announced the it’s official final configuration. The Foleo is expected to be available later this summer for $499, the latest rumor sets its release date around August 22nd. “ via

The Samsung SGH P520 Prada Phone

” Samsung will soon announced their next calculator size P series mobile phone which has the similar design as LG Prada. The Samsung SGH-P520 appears on Samsung website today with detail information.The Samsung SGH-P520 is a triband GSM phone supporting EDGE data connection. While it is keypad-less, the specification did not mention if its display screen is done with a touch screen. Similar to LG Prada phone, it has only call answering buttons at the front.Built with an extremely slim size, this calculator size phone is only 8.9mm thickness. But this does not limit the camera module, a 3 megapixel camera module is used on the phone. 50MB internal memory will be sufficient for normal used. The micro SD card slot can always helps in keeping all the multimedia files.Best of all the phone might come with built in WiFi for UMA. Those who wants a smaller iPhone would better bet on this.Specifications:
Network: Triband GSM with EDGE
Size: 88 x 54 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 102 grams
Display Screen: QVGA touchscreen, 262k colors, around 2.6-inch
3 megapixel camera
50MB internal memory
microSD card slot
Bluetooth (A2DP capable)
WiFi with UMA
Document viewer
960mAh battery
Up to 180 minutes talk time
Up to 220 hours standby time” via