Toshiba Portege G900 Review at phonearena!

“What truly makes the Toshiba Portege G900 stand out of the crowd is its display. Located on the front is the 3 inch big display. Its size is bigger than the common 2.8 found on most PPC phones, but more interesting is its resolution – 800×480 pixels, which is 5 times more than the QVGA used in almost all PPCs. This gives excellent DPI (dots per inch ratio) and the display shows much more detail than others.We would have preferred to see a sensor that controls the brightness of the screen but one is not present in the G900. Indoors, medium brightness level is enough to read the screen with no problem, but it is not so when you are in bright environment. In this case you should manually increase the brightness level to maximum to be able to read the display. Set at 100%, it is usable in bright light although it dims, but if the sun directly reflects in it you won’t see anything.” Read more here:

Asus P750 Coming Q4 This Year and looks great!

asus-p750-1 “Arne from theunwired has confirmed an upcoming Asus P750 Windows Mobile Smartphone. The Asus P750 will be powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional and will be announced in coming October this year. Although the Asus P750 do not have a QWERTY keyboard, it does come with some impressive integration. Powered by a fast Marvel 520 MHz PXA27x CPU, the smartphone supports GSM network and EDGE/GPRS/HSDPA connection. WiFi, Bluetooth and a SiRF III GPS module are integrated as well, giving you a full capability without any extra add-on. It is using a similar keypad design as Asus P526 with an extra joystick at the middle.There isn’t available info whether it is a Quad-band or Tri-band GSM smartphone, if it is following the Asus P735 specification, the Asus P750 will be also Tri-band too. Official announcement is coming October according to the source.” via