Apple Fixes iPhone Security Problems with System Update

“Apple has released the first system software update for the iPhone. This takes care of a number of security problems and bugs.The company recommends installing it immediately.Most of the changes in iPhone 1.0.1 Update are to this smartphone’s Safari web browser. It includes fixes for some of this application’s best-publicized security homes.A complete listing of the improvements in this software update can be found on Apple’s web site.The iPhone 1.0.1 Update must be installed through the iTunes application. It will not appear on the Apple Support Downloads web site. iTunes automatically checks Apple’s update server on a weekly. When an update is detected, it will download it. Users also have the option of manually requesting the update with the “Check for Updates” button or menu choice in iTunes.The next time the iPhone is docked, iTunes will present the user with the option to install the update. ” via

The story behind the Symbian Motorola Z8

“The Z8 is the first Symbian phone from Motorola since the A1010 (later the M1000 in Japan), which was announced at 3GSM in 2005. In the following period it was widely assumed that Motorola had abandoned the Symbian platform for use in future phones in favour of Windows Mobile and its own Linux platform. This strategy had previously been signposted by the sale of its Symbian shareholding in 2003 which suggested that Motorola was looking to get into different areas for its software platforms. The assumption was, correctly, that Motorola would create its own software platform based on Linux.Over the course of 2005 and 2006, Nokia continued to establish its dominance in the high end smartphone category with its portfolio of S60 products and the S60 software platform. Motorola by contrast failed to make significant advances in the same area, though this was largely unnoticed thanks to the runaway success of the style-led RAZR series. ” Read more here:

Mobile video and Google’s VoIP

“The playback quality, bearing phone display dimensions in mind, is pretty adequate – no blockiness, jerking, solid sound performance. So Nokia’s smartphones can do well at handling the mobile edition of YouTube. The only thing we weren’t happy about was the content itself, which was merely showcasing the abilities of streaming vide, rather than featuring some really interesting clips. In my opinion, Google is simply getting the users familiar with the new services and along the way showcases the abilities of all latest and greatest gadgets. As time passes by, we will definitely see more interesting events or shows taking place right on the displays of our mobile phones, like live coverage of sports events, news blocks or series. It all boils down to the imagination of developers and broadcasting rights. But I suppose advertisers will be the ones to appreciate the new Goolge’ video services more than anyone else – the only will never miss its chance to cram video ads into any clip, so as to compensate the costs of content purchases.” Read this nice article here: