The N95 now officially adapted for the USA

“This is the official sales flyer for the US 3G Nokia N95. There’s several really HOT parts about it that I’m really excited about. The first is that the thing finally has US 3G – HSDPA even. It’s 850/1900, so you’re cruising on AT&T’s HSDPA network at speeds up to 3.6mbps. That’s f-ing fast. Too bad it won’t work with T-mobile’s planned 3G network. Of course, you can still fall back to EDGE, if you’re out of area. Worldwide travelers should know that they did remove the 2100 HSDPA. Second, the battery. Oh, that glorious battery. It’s been upped to a whopping 1200 mAh!! The Nokia BL-6F fits in there all snug and gives the N95 the power it so desperately needs. Compare that to the previous N-series Battery Overlord, the N73, with 1100 mAh. Third, apparently it will ship with a 1GB MicroSD card in the box, which is double what my Euro shipped with. Also, it’s black. Well, the back of it, anyways. Which I think is still hot. It is NOT the rumored 8GB version (my sources say that one will still be Euro 3G) but obviously since it supports MicroSDHC, you could simply toss an 8GB MicroSDHC in there and be on your merry way. Darla Mack got the scoop that it’s been increased to 128MB of RAM!! I wonder how much will be available to users?! Also no word on pricing. Finally they’re throwing the US a bone and giving us a leg up over the European market. Also no word on if this will be a carrier release, but given their track record with AT&T, I’d guess that they told AT&T they wouldn’t be getting this bad boy.” via

New ACCESS Linux Platform Screenshots

“ACCESS have launched a new website for the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) with new developer documentation and details about the platform. The company has also announced a number of new partners and initiatives around ALP at the LinuxWorld going on now in San Francisco. MobieLinuxInfo has put together over 10 screenshots of the linux powered platform in action and goes over some of the new ALP news announced this week.” Read more here:

Details on new BlackBerry smartphones

In the Internet you can come across some data on the new RIM devices. We are likely to expect soon a version of the BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi onboard (index 8320). The BlackBerry Curve 8300 was announced this May and positioned as the most compact and lightweight BlackBerry smartphone with the QWERTY-keyboard. In addition there is some info on a BlackBerry Curve version with GPS (index 8310). This device has been recently introduced in Europe by Vodafone. The source suggests that the company will release an heir of the BlackBerry Pearl smartphone in fall. There will be GSM and CDMA versions. Both models feature similar specs, but the CDMA version will get GPS and lack Wi-Fi. And the BlackBerry Pearl 2 (GSM/EDGE) will on the contrary support Wi-Fi and no GPS. The info is preliminary and not officially confirmed.