Nokia N95 Voted European Media Phone 2007 2008

Nokia today announced the Nokia N95 multimedia computer has been voted ‘the European Media Phone of the Year 2007-2008’ by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), Europe’s leading association for consumer electronics.Commenting on the award, EISA praised the Nokia N95 as containing “practically every feature one could imagine in a mobile device.” Additionally, the award citation of the EISA jury goes on to say: “It’s no mere mobile phone and no mere status symbol. Pick up a Nokia N95 and you hold in your hands a state-of-the-art communication tool – the ideal way to remain permanently in touch and on track with the world that surrounds you.”The judging panel cited Nokia N95 features such as GPS, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and MPEG4 video capture of up to 30 fps. EISA also highlighted the device’s data access of up to 3.5 Mb/s, advanced web browser, Wi-Fi, microSD slot, and audio reproduction of multiple audio formats.”The Nokia N95 has evidently raised the bar for mobile devices and we are thrilled to receive this accolade from consumer electronics magazines across Europe,” said Jonas Geust, head of Nokia Nseries Players Category, Multimedia, Nokia. “This award is an endorsement of the strategy behind Nokia Nseries – to bring to people’s hands high performance multimedia computers which make digital convergence a reality.”EISA is a consumer technology awards association, and comprises of nearly 50 prominent Photo, Video, Audio, Home Theater and Mobile Electronics magazines from 18 European countries.

HTC P6550 Sedna Enterprise smartphone gets real, specs

HTC P6550 Sedna Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional smartphone for enterprise“As far as enterprise phones are concerned, there just aren’t phones out there that really catches our eye. It always seems like there’s just that little “something” that’s missing from the feature-set or user experience. But, it looks like HTC is trying to change that with their upcoming HTC P6550 (codenamed Sedna). We’re a little embarrassed that the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional-powered Sedna slipped by us relatively unnoticed, but it’s better late than never.The same leaked product roadmap that gave us details on the HTC Nike and HTC Kaiser (can you blame us for overlooking the Sedna in the Kaiser’s bright spotlight?) also gave us a peek at the HTC Sedna. The P6550 rocks almost every feature you can imagine for a WM6 phone, a full QWERTY-keyboard (or keypad, for that matter) has been omitted in favor of the touchscreen – a la WM6 Professional. But, with a spec-sheet that reads like a technological showcase, we can do without any keyboard or keypad: Qualcomm MSM7200, 400MHz chipset Memory: 256 MP ROM, 64 or 128 RAM, Optional 1GB NAND Flash Windows Mobile 6.0 Quad-band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE, GPRS WCDMA tri-band 2100 or 850/1900 MHz, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, miniUSB 3.5? QVGA TFT touchscreen 3 megapixel camera with autofocus A-GPS Fingerprint reader 2 MMC/SDIO expansion slots Dimensions: 137x72x21 mm Optional credit card reader/extended batteryHeaps of RAM (up to 1GB?!), HSDPA, WiFi, A-GPS, and fingerprint security? We can’t wait to get our hands on this thing! Hopefully, HTC won’t be making us have to memorize any more names – “HTC P6550 Sedna” is long enough.” via

New Nokia N76 firmware update adds A2DP

“A new firmware update is available for the Nokia N76. Continuing the trend set with other devices the update adds the A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth Profiles for stereo audio over Bluetooth. The menu structure has also been rearranged and there are a number of stability improvements and bug fixes.Nokia has added the A2DP profile to a number of Nseries devices over the last few months.A2DP can be used with a variety of Bluetooth products including headphones, streamers and speakers. See our reviews of the Nokia BH-500 Stereo Bluetooth Headset and Nokia BH-501 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. ” via

Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e for TMobile Customers

Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e
“Pharos announced an agreement with T-Mobile USA allowing customers to enjoy up to $200 off on purchasing the Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e. The catch, of course, is you have to enter into a new T-Mobile contract.Pharos GPS Phone 600Offering entertainment, mobile office and even navigation, the GPS Phone 600 is an unlocked, quad-band world phone. It comes bundled with pocket versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Thanks to integrated GPS, you get voice-prompted directions using the Ostia navigation software and pre-loaded maps of US and Canada. There’s an FM radio on-board as well as Windows Media Player Mobile. A 2MPx camera is available as well. Originally priced at US $699.95, it is now available for US $499.95 with a new, 2-year voice and data plan with T-Mobile.Pharos GPS Phone 600eAn enterprise version of the GPS Phone 600, the 600e is similar to 600 in all respects, except that this does not include pre-loaded navigation software, maps or car kit. Priced at US $599.95, the price for those signing up a 2-year contract with T-Mobile is now $399.95.” via