FCC Nod for Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS Navigation Device

Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS “Harman/Becker’s BE 7928 GPS navigation device just got the green signal from the FCC. The BE 7928 features a touch screen interface, as well as a phone button to answer/reject incoming calls over Bluetooth. A nifty Day/Night button switches between Day view and Night view when using the navigation system. The system takes in SD/MMC memory cards allowing you to store maps, MP3 music and more. It also features a USB device for connecting to your PC.One of the neat features of the Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS device is the included FM transmitter. This lets you transmit your MP3 songs onto your car radio. The Bluetooth transceiver on this device allows you to connect only one phone at a time. When a phone is connected, contacts from your SIM card are automatically downloaded onto the BE 7928 so you can dial them directly from it rather than having to fumble with the phone when driving (you don’t do that now, do you?).No word on the pricing or availability yet, but check back with us soon for those tiny details.” via mobilewhack.com

Palm Pre Announces the Centro Smartphone

“Palm, Inc. has just given the world its first official glimpse of a smartphone it will release in the near future. The company hasn’t released all the details on this device, just a broad overview.There will be several things that will set this device apart from Palm’s current Treo line, the most obvious of which is it won’t be called a Treo. Instead, it will be the “Palm Centro”.It will initially be offered in the U.S. by Sprint, and will support this carrier’s high-speed EV-DO wireless network.The Centro will run the Garnet OS, formerly Palm OS Garnet, not Windows Mobile.Palm says this will be its smallest smartphone ever; nevertheless, it will still include a full keyboard and touch screen.No official pictures of the Centro have been released, but those who were at a Sprint event today where this device was on display say it is the device previously known as the Gandolf (see image at right). According to Palm, this model has been created for “a younger demographic, new to the smartphone space”.The company isn’t yet willing to announce what the Palm Centro will sell for, but an unofficial report says its price will be $99.” via brighthand.com