New Palm Centro Picture Posted!

“MobilityToday has obtained a newly leaked shot of the Palm Centro smartphone. The official looking picture shows a clear and detailed view of the Centro. The Sprint version is shown in a black and silver casing in the now familiar “gandolf” form-factor. Palm has previously confirmed that the Centro will feature a new, smaller form-factor, EVDO high speed data and a touch screen display. A recent rumor report has indicated the Centro could be released by Sprint around October 14th. MobilityToday states the phone will retail for $99 (presumably with a new contract) and will support the faster EVDO Rev.A. Previous leaks and details posted on PalmInfocenter have shown a similar device in a white body running on GSM networks. There have been a number of different reports on the possible specs, networks and operating systems. Versions running Windows Mobile Smartphone edition have also been spotted.” via