Symbian S60 Active Standby vs Win Mobile 6 Today Screen

“To start things off let’s take a look at the first thing you see when you pick up any device – the home screen. We’re all familiar with Active Standby on S60 and we can probably all agree that it’s extremely limited. Beyond the basics, Nseries devices offer a few shortcuts along with calendar entries, tasks and the WLAN wizard on WiFi-enabled devices. With the Eseries you get a few more options such as the Active Standby mailbox which displays the two most recent emails in one mailbox and a few other configurable choices.” Read this interesting article here:

iPhone as a phone – probing the main function

htc_vogue.jpg “Attention. If you are an Apple fan, stop right here, don’t read any further. Take care about your nerves. You are not a fan, that’s for sure?! Don’t tell us nobody warned you after you read this. This article has been written for normal people, rather than those coming from Homo iPhonus species. To that group we relegate the consumers who alter themselves, as well as their physical parameters, so as to make use of the iPhone.Well, let’s recall the things we were pondering over in the previous installment of our “iPhone exposed” article – SMS-messaging. As you might remember, the iPhone turned out to be a complete bust, lagging behind the today’s phones in almost every single way, and the fans came up with two reasons for that. Firstly, SMS messaging is dying as a standard. This one was pretty much far-fetched, and we did everything necessary to prove this statement wrong in the article. However the other factor is not what you usually hear – it appears that in the US, which is the market this phone is made for, nobody uses SMS, probably 1-2 percent of “obsolescent” consumers at best. The rest are completely into IM-clients or employ e-mail, which is a contemporary thing miles ahead in terms of ease of use. The fact that the iPhone is currently propped up by PR activities positioning it as a tool of SMS messaging is completely overlooked by these people. By “PR activities” here we mean an avalanche of reports suggesting that some individuals managed to type so many messages with the iPhone that their bills were over a hundred pages long. So, one might actually come to a conclusion that this phone was made with SMS-messaging in mind. ” Read more here: