More pics and specs on MOTOROKR E8 and MOTORIZR Z10

The has reported it acquired detailed into and pictures of new Motorola handsets, which should be announced by the company soon. It deals with the much rumored MOTOROKR E8 and MOTORIZR Z10. We don’t see the reason why not to believe it and thus share the info with our readers. Well, let’s start with Motorola ROKR E8: This is another Motorola’s music phone coming with a novel navigation element called “Omega Wheel”, probably because of its form resembling the letter from the Greek alphabet. Its keyboard is peculiar for tactile feedback whenever a key is pressed. The E8 comes with 2GB of memory onboard expanded with microSD cards (up to 4GB), an FM-radio, Bluetooth, USB v2.0 and a 3.5-mm audio jack. Measuring just 115x53x10.6 mm it houses a 2-megapixel camera and a 2” 240×320 TFT display. MOTOROKR E8 supports quad-band GSM and EDGE. The sales are set for November at the price of €280. MOTORIZR Z10: This is a successor to the RIZR Z8 smartphone powered by Symbian UIQ 3.1. It inherited the kick-slider form. As for the technical specs, I’d note, a 2.2” QVGA 240x320x16M color TFT display with a protective anti-scratch coating. There is a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED backlight and video capture capability (QVGA resolution, 30 fps). The device supports quad-band GSM (GPRS/EDGE) and dual HSDPA. The shipments should start in December at €400.

Updated GP2X F200 Gets Launch Date, Price

“If you don’t read the site regularly, or haven’t yet cottoned on, I’m a huge fan of Linux and open source in general – I use Fedora and OpenOffice for my work PC and have a large collection of homebrew games for my PSP. So when I first heard about the GP2X portable gaming device it took me a lot of effort to stop me rushing out and buying one. Those urges have now returned because console has now been updated with some swanky new features and a new name, the GP2X-F200.Foremost among them is a new screen that’s now touch sensitive, with an updated firmware which should soon lead to some DS-style free game offerings from the GP2X community. The d-pad is now a 16-way digital affair, DS style as opposed to the PSP-esque stick on the previous model. Internally, the main hardware is the same, so everything and anything developed for the previous incarnation will work on the F200 including the vast array of alternate firmwares, media players (including xVid and DivX playback support) and emulators. The card reader has been updated to accept SDHC cards, which enables you up to use 32GB of portable films and games.Since the initial launch in 2005, 30,000 GP2Xs have been sold, making it around 1,700 times less prolific than the DS. Although that does mean that 30,000 people have been convinced that the idea of not having to pay for your games is a good one – which it assuredly is.You can get your hands on the F200 from next month and, shelling out 125 Pound for the privileged, about the same price as the new PSP Lite. If you consider that for your money you’re getting a portable games console, media player and just about anything else you can code in Linux it’s hard to deny the attraction.” via

IM All in One Mobile Messenger v3.0 Released For Palm OS

“IM+ All-in-One mobile messenger is a complete solution that allows users to exchange messages within the most popular IM systems (MSN/ Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, AIM/ iChat, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpace) between mobile devices and PCs in real-time. IM+ users can use the same accounts on mobile devices and PC regardless of the mobile operator – it’s very convenient for using in business trips.Buying IM+ you get full and non-limited licence for using this software on your Palm powered device. By purchasing IM+ you are also entitled to all software updates. Get free 7-days trial to test the application! Features:
Direct and simultaneous connection to all selected systems.
Mobile-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-PC real-time communication.
No cost per message, only standard payment for wireless data transfer.
7-Day Free Trial.
Configurable sound and vibra notifications.
5-way navigator support for Treo devices.
Dynamically increases the display area for GSL and Palm TX devices.
SSL support in Jabber.
Group the contact list by your preferences.
Detailed information about your contacts.
Full presence status support.
High-resolution smileys (Emoticons).
Message History.
Works in background mode.” Check it here:

Samsung i560v by Vodafone Coming Soon!

“How do you show the world that you are really big and special mobile operator? You get an exclusive mobile phone models from the biggest brands, designed just for you. Looks like a great differentiation strategy… If you are as big as Vodafone.At least 3 independent publications in three countries, including Czech, Chinese IT168 and French Mobinaute have reported that Vodafone will soon be launching Samsung SGH-i560 GPS slider based on Symbian S60 OS.Other specs for Vodafone Samsung i560 include GPRS/WCDMA/HSDPA connectivity, 3.2 mpx camera with 16x digital zoom, 2.4″ QVGA 262K color TFT display.The price for Vodafone Samsung SGH-560 is expected to be 415 EURO and it should be available in the fourth quarter of this year.Well, great for Vodafone customers. As for myself, I’m still a bit annoyed that I won’t be getting my hands on Vodafone exclusive Samsung SGH-F700v Ultra Smart. And now Vodafone goes and does it again.” via