CorePlayer Mobile for UIQ 3 and S60 3rd Edition review!

“In the past, with limited hardware and processing power on mobile devices (expecially smartphones) compared to a full blown desktop/laptop computer, users needed to encode their favourite videos before they could be played on the move. Desktop applications like PocketDivX Encoder, S.U.P.E.R. and DVDCatalyst are some examples and it is not easy to choose the one which produces the universal best result. Won’t it be better if we could just throw any music or video files in our Symbian OS smartphones and play them without hassle and without the need to convert to mobile friendly formats? Yes, with CorePlayer, we can! Editor’s note. Common sense still needs to prevail. Trying to play a VGA resolution desktop video, encoded at 20MB of data per minute of footage, is still foolhardy and a profligate waste of precious memory card space. CorePlayer may help solve the codec mess but you still need to be aware of the resolution and space requirements of the original file.” Read more here:

'The Final Battle' will be released next Monday!

Final Battle image“Our new adventure game is completed on all phones and PC. If you liked ‘Lost in the Pyramid‘ you will notice that this one has the same funny dialogs but everything else is far better! Check it here:1) 20 times bigger than Lost in the Pyramid 2) Cartoon graphics 3) Deep story4) Amazing music and sounds 5) Funny dialogs 6) Translated into several languages 7) Pure adventure riddles 8) Will run on ALL PDAS and PHONES (Will run on Palm OS, WM3, WM5, WM6 Pocket PCs with all resolutions available. VGA also.WM3, WM5, WM6 Smartphones, Symbian UIQ3, Symbian S60 and Windows PC including Vista.) ” I was a beta tester on this GREAT game and i know that you will love it. A big review and the walkthrough is on the way… (If i finish it!)