HTC Touch enhanced version for Hong Kong

“HTC has announced the release of HTC Touch Enhanced Version in Hong Kong. The device is available in 2 new color solutions – Burgundy red and Immaculate White. In addition to refreshed design the new version got larger memory: 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM (the original HTC Touch comes with 64 MB RAM and 128 MB ROM onboard). HTC notes that since the debut in June HTC Touch has become the best seller in Hong Kong. Due to the everlasting demand the manufacturer decided to launch HTC Touch Enhanced Version.” via

Nokia N81 First Firmware Is Available

WiFiMobile.gif “According to allaboutsymbian, Nokia has rolled out first firmware for the Nokia N81 in many regions. Depends on your Nokia N81 version, Nokia N81-1 will get the firmware with version 10.0.058; while the Nokia N81-3 will get the firmware with version 10.0.035.Several improvements are included in this first firmware update, Better WLAN management Better memory transfer and camera stabilityJust download the Nokia Software Update to check on your Nokia N81” via