Page 6 The black crystal and the finalle!

Sp3220070418134139GARDEN:Get the right beet. Talk with rabbit. Ask ‘How to go to the house’.OUT OF SUZARCASTLE:Get tin can from garbage.In Inventory: Use beet with tin can. You make red paint.Throw red paint in can to castle wall. You make a red smut.Talk to seller in the left. Ask for a map of the labyrinth. You get the map.Use map on yourself.GARDEN:Talk to rabbit. Ask about carrots.Go to ‘Garden House’GARDEN HOUSE:Get empty oilcan from left table.Get empty flowerpot. (The one in frond)Get fictile pot with blue liquid from the right table.OUT OF SUZARCASTLE:Give oilcan to tourist guide on the right. He fills it with oil.Talk with tourist. Ask about carrot seed.GARDEN HOUSE:Get seeds from the pots in the right.GARDEN:Use empty flowerpot from inventory with the dirt. You put some dirt inside.In inventory: Use flowerpot with seeds. Use flowerpot with pot with blue liquid.GARDEN HOUSE:Use flowerpot with sunlight on table. Carrots grow.Get pot with carrots.GARDEN:Give pot with carrots to rabbit. He gives you a tin opener.GARDEN HOUSE:Use tin opener with metal hatch. You open it.Use metal hatch, you get a stabilizer magic potion.Go to ‘map’.MAP:Use stabilizer magic potion with Magician on map. You stabilize it.Go to Magician.MAGICIAN:Get scroll on the right.GARDEN:Use scroll on yourself. You read it.MAGICIAN:Get bottles on the left.In Inventory: Use pink bottle with orange. You get a red one.In Inventory: Use grey bottle with azure bottle. You get a blue one.In Inventory: Use blue bottle with red bottle. You get a purple one.Use purple bottle with mixer.Press the button of the mixer.Get mixer can.Throw mixer can on the magician’s hand. The hand paralyzes.Get magic wand.GARDEN:Use magic wand on rock. A sword appears.Use oilcan with sword on rock. You oil it.Get sword from rock.Get sword from rock.GO TO TOWN LEFT:Give sword to blacksmith. He sharpens it for you.MAGICIAN:Use sword with magicians hat. Lift the hat to see what’s in there.You get the black crystal.Got the black crystal.OUT OF SUZARCASTLE:Put shield in rock in the right. The door opens.Go in Suzar’s Castle.SUZARCASTLE:Talk with Suzar.Talk with Suzar.Talk with Eleana.Talk with Eleana.Use sword with Suzar. You battle with him.Use your sword on his foot.Kick him where you shouldn’t!Trip him and he falls down.See what the mystery in your story was.Then you have a choice:1) To put both of them in jail and continue to be a king.2) Leave them be and get out of there for good.Both of the choices have a different ending of the game. Choose whatever you like.-the end-

Page 5 The green crystal

Sp3220070418134139LAKE:Get reed.Use reed with duck. You get the duck.WITCH:Give duck to witch. She gives you a magic stick.FOREST RIGHT:Use magic stick with Tarzan knife. You transform it to a lollipop.Get Tarzan lollipop.In Inventory: Use magic stick with lollipop. You transform it back to a knife.Use knife with elephants ribbon on the nose. You cut it.Talk with the elephant. Ask him for a favor.Talk with the elephant. Ask him for a favor.Talk with Tarzan. Ask him if he is the ruler of the jungle.Talk with Tarzan again, he gives you his comb.LAKE:In Inventory: Use knife with reed. You make a fife.Use fife on cobra snake. He gets dizzy.Get cobra snake.WITCH:Use comb on carpet. You find a mouse.Give cobra to witch. She is happy.Get magic ball.LAKE:Use magic ball with piranhas. You get one.WITCH:Use piranhas with saw. The piranha eats a little wood around it.Get saw.FOREST RIGHT:Show mouse to elephant. He leaves.Use knife on rock. You break it.FOREST LEFT:Use saw with wood on the middle bottom. You get some.Use well. Pull the rope.Then: Untie the knot.Then: Loosen the knot. You get some rope.In Inventory: Use rope with wood. You build a wooden structure.LAKE:Use wooden structure with rocks in the middle.Go on wooden structure.Go to squirrel.Use broken knife with squirrel. You free him.Tell him to join you.Go to wooden structure.Go to pier.FOREST LEFT:Climb on ladder.Use squirrel on tree house. He eats the door.You see Suzar and your girlfriend together in love. You wonder…You get the green crystal and put it on the shield.Got the green crystal

Page 4 The yellow crystal

Sp3220070418134139TOWN LEFT:Kick torch in ground. Kick it again. Get torch. TOWN MIDDLE:Get wooden chock from garbage. Talk to girl with red skirt. Ask about fire. Get flints.TOWN RIGHT:Talk with left chicken. Say that your name is William. Ask her if she want to come with you. You get the chicken. Use wooden chock with cow shit. MINE ENTRANCE:Get stone. Get stone. Get stone.LEFTCEMETERY:Use stone with apple. You get the apple.RIGHTCEMETERY:Use shitted wooden chock with flower hole. You get a rag.Get blue flower.Use frog. He wants a kiss. Kiss him twice. You get him.Use chicken with hawk. You get the key.Use key with right door. You get a hammer and a chisel.TOWN RIGHT:Use frog with cow. It eats the flies. Get bucket.Use flower with small mill. Use mill. In inventory: Use torch with rag.Use torch-rag with mill. You put oil on it.MINE ENTRANCE:Use oiled torch-rag with screw in the middle of the square machine.Get screw.TOWN LEFT:Give apple to the shop owner. She gives you a straight crank.TOWN LEFT:Use bucket with water. You fill it.Give screw to blacksmith. He gives you the iron part of a hoe.Use metal hoe with flowers. You dig it.Use bucket with water with flowers. Talk with guy next to flower and tell him about the flowers. He gives you rope.In inventory: Use rope with empty bucket. You tie it.Give straight crank to blacksmith. He makes it normal for you.Throw stone on left glass. You break it. Get a piece of glass from the ground.MINE ENTRANCE:Use crank with well. You put it there.Use bucket-rope with well. You tie it.Use well you get a wet dynamite.Leave wet dynamite on small hole on ground.Leave piece of glass on dynamite at the small hole on ground. Its dry now.Get dry dynamite.Use dynamite on rocks at the tunnel entrance.Use flints with dynamite. Boom! The tunnel is open now but too dark.In inventory: Use oiled torch-rag with flints. You light it up.Use fire-torch with dark tunnel entrance. You put some light there.INSIDE THE MINE:Shake the wood that is blocked under the rocks on the left.Kick the wood and then get the wood.In inventory: Use wood with metal hoe. You make a normal one.Use hammer-chisel with huge stalagmite in the middle, You clear up the letters.It says to dig ‘Edwards’ grave to find a treasure.Put stone on hole under the trolley.Use hoe on trolley to lift it. You find a triangle stone.Use hoe on gold. You get a piece.TOWN MIDDLE:Give gold to woman in the blue dress. You go at her room and she gives you a round stone.RIGHTCEMETERY:Use round stone with left door.Use triangle stone with left door.Open the door. You get a shovel.LEFTCEMETERY:Use hoe on top left grave. You break the stone.Use shovel on top left grave. You dig it and find the yellow crystal.Get yellow crystal. You put it on the shield.Got the yellow crystal

Page 3 The red crystal

Sp3220070418134139HOLY PLACE LEFT:Get bowl with holy water. Get belt from sleeping guy. HOLY PLACE RIGHT:Use belt with priest. You tie him.Open metal box. You find some vinegar. Use bowl with holy water with vinegar. You mix it. HOLY PLACE LEFT:Use bowl with vinegar with candles. You boil it and make it acid.WILLIAM VILLA OUT:Use bowl with acid with door. The iron melts.Get stone. Throw stone on ceramic tiles on roof. You break one.Get stone. Throw stone on cracked ceramic tile. It falls down. Get it.VISAR’S STUDY:Get books from library. Use books on image on the wall.Climb on books. Look at image on the wall. It’s you and your girlfriend Eleana.Use ceramic tile on white paper. You leave it there. Get pen from desk.Dip pen into ink. Use pen on white paper. You draw the outline of the tile.Get paper. Give paper to Visar. He is happy. Get crowbar. WILLIAM VILLA OUT:Use crowbar on door. You open it.Get in.WILLIAM VILLA IN:Use bowl with bath-tab. You find a key.Use key with night table. You open it and read your brothers letter.Get sheet from bed.HOLY PLACE RIGHT:Use sheet with grandmothers launch. You shift them and get an apple.WILLIAM VILLA OUT:Give apple to your horse. He likes it.Get horse’s shoe.WILLIAM VILLA IN:Use horses shoe with chest. You open it.Get red crystal from opened chest. You put it on your shield.Got the red crystal.

Page 2 The blue crystal

Sp3220070418134139MAP:Go to castle entrance.CASTLE ENTRANCE:Get X.Get fish from bucket.Go to map.MAP:Go to workers.WORKERS LEFT:Go to workers right.WORKERS RIGHT:Get small stones.Go to workers left.WORKERS LEFT:Go to map.MAP:Go to castle entrance.CASTLE ENTRANCE:Throw stones on fish on the right. You scare them away.Talk with fisherman. Ask to take the fishing pole. You get it.Use fishing pole with floating horn on the left. You get it.Talk with slipping guy. Ask the last one. You hear about someone digging at sunset 4 meters away from the pole.Go to map.MAP:Go to tavern.TAVERN:Talk with the tavern owner.Ask about ‘How’s business?’. He wants someone to help. You agree to find one if he gives you the shield.Give fish to tavern owner. He cooks it for you.Give cooked fish to knight. He gives you the chicken.Go to map.MAP:Go to workers.WORKERS LEFT:Go to workers right.WORKERS RIGHT:Use horn with slipping guy. He wakes up.Talk with him. Ask him if he wants to work. He says yes and wants food.Give chicken to lazy worker. He comes with you.Ask the top worker about the time. He says its sunrise.Go to workers left.WORKERS LEFT:You have to dig where the other guy told you. So put the X spot 4 meters (that’s 4 circles) from the wooden pole at the opposite direction of the pole’s shade.Go to tavern.TAVERN:Give worker to tavern owner. You get the shield.You see the shield.Go to Workers left.WORKERS LEFT:Use shield with trolley. You find a hoe.Use hoe with digging spot X. You find an amour of William.Use amour with yourself. (With your arrow) You wear it. See wear video.Go to tavern.TAVERN:Sit on empty chair with knight. He says you are William.Talk with him. He says you are William the twin brother of the king. He put you in prison because he took your girlfriend. He gives you the blue gem, you put it on the shield and you go to map.Got the blue crystal.

The top 10 selling PDAs/Smart phones in October 2007 from Krusell

Krusell’s top 10 for October shows Apple iphone further will strengthen its position on the market. In United Kingdom and Germany it is already official that iPhone will exclusively be launched with the operator O2, and T-mobile. With the debut in Europe we will most likely see a boost in sales just in time for Christmas. Thus we have made an extra effort to launch model specific cases within this segment, and we will see an exiting coming months of cases in line with Apples assortment from Krusell, says Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Krusell. 1. (2) Nokia 63002. (1) Sony Ericsson K810i3. (3) Nokia N954. (5) Nokia N735. (7) Apple iphone6. (8) Nokia 3109/31107. (4) Sony Ericsson P18. (-) Sony Ericsson K850i9. (6) Sony Ericsson W880i10. (-) Sony Ericsson K530i() = Last month’s position.The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, has released their ‘Top 10’ list for October 2007. The list is based upon the number of pieces of model specific mobile and smart phone cases that have been ordered from Krusell during October 2007. Krusell’s list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones on six continents and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Review of GSM/UMTS smartphone Samsung i450

“In the range of music-inclined devices, also known as Beatz or Ultra Music, this is the top-of-the-line offering both quality- and price-wise. That’s where we come across a phenomenon when the line-up’s bottom end is represented by the Samsung F210, a handset styled after an MP3 player-pendant, the mid-range solution, which the Samsung F330 actually is, comes in the form of a conventional slider, and the Samsung i450 boasts dual-slider action. Probably the first thing you set your eyes on here is the difference in indexes, however the explanation is pretty simple – the maker follows this own classification and sorts its solutions into families with only functionality in mind. This means, Samsung doesn’t opt for a consistent development line, its offerings share absolutely nothing, no generic suit of features or design. The reason being that it was only recently when Samsung got successful with its coherent device families, and this concept is only about to penetrate the maker’s range. The first style-keyed line-up (carrying on the heritage of the Ultra II family) with its members sporting identical feature packs, yet coming in different form-factors will hit the streets in summer 2008.” Read more here: