Google releases Android SDK preview

“As expected, Google has released an “early look” version of its SDK (software development kit) for mobile phones. The Eclipse-based Android SDK lets users write Java applications that run on Dalvik, a virtual machine designed to run on top of Linux in embedded applications. Few guessed the importance Java was to play last Monday, when Google announced Android. The completely open source stack aims to enable developers to write mobile phone applications that make use of Google services, thus expanding Google’s Maps, Mail, Search, LocalSearch, YouTube, and other services beyond the confines of the public Internet.In retrospective, some clue as to the importance of Java was hinted at by the presence of several Java specialists — including Aplix and Esmertec — among the founders of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), the industry group formed to maintain and promote Android. Another clue might have come a year ago, when Sun GPL’d Java, simultaneously launching a “Mobile and Embedded Community” focused largely on a phoneME project. The “early look” SDK can be found here. The main Android page, meanwhile, has lots of videos demonstrating Android phone capabilities, including the ones shown below — click each to play.” via linuxdevices.comA first hand look at building an Android application Android Architecture Overview Android Application Lifecycle Android APIs Skypop on Android

Nokia E51 Review at allaboutsymbian!

“The screen dimensions, contrast and reflectivity seem identical to that on the outer screen of the E90, by the way, should you need a comparison, and I want to publically congratulate Nokia’s Eseries team for using transflective screens which work well outside in bright natural light – while your Nokia N81 and N76-using friends are squinting at their displays trying to see what they’re doing, your E51 (or E90 or E70 or E61 etc) will remain extremely readable, even in the very brightest sunlight.” Read more here:

HTC Touch Cruise Brings Personal GPS Navigation

“HTC Corp. the world’s leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile smart devices, today launched the HTC Touch CruiseTM, the third member of the HTC Touch product family and the first to feature in-built GPS for personal navigation. Building on the popularity of the HTC TouchTM and the HTC Touch DualTM, the HTC Touch Cruise also includes 3G-HSDPA wireless connectivity. Users on the move will easily be able to interact with the HTC Touch Cruise’s navigation functionality and can take advantage of HTC’s TouchFLO technology, which enhances finger touch scrolling and browsing of Web pages, documents, messages and contact lists, controlled by simply sweeping a finger across the screen. TouchFLO also offers the ability to view photos and photo slideshows using on-screen controls and to zoom and rotate images with only one hand. Stylish and sleek in design, the HTC Touch Cruise is a further illustration of HTC’s commitment to innovation and to building a suite of touchscreen devices that cater to a variety of customer needs and styles. The HTC Home screen will provide one-touch access to emails, text messages, calendar appointments and contacts, as well as current weather conditions and forecasts for hundreds of cities around the world. Users then simply sweep their finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications. The interface can be spun by swiping a finger right or left across the display, providing efficient access to the features consumers use most.The new Touch Cruise boasts super fast HSDPA/3.5G connectivity plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it a highly connected device for consumers on the move. Its 2.8” screen is great for enjoying mobile multimedia and because it runs on Windows Mobile 6, the built-in Windows Media Player is ideal for music and movies. Florian Seiche, VP of HTC Europe, commented, “The original HTC Touch has already been a phenomenal success, and the HTC Touch CruiseTM with fully integrated GPS adds another dimension to our leading touchscreen device family. We firmly believe in the importance of choice – one device does not fit everyone’s needs – and we’re proud to have been able to launch three HTC Touch devices since June.”The HTC Touch Cruise utilizes mapping and navigation solutions from TomTom. This navigation software comes complete with a taster city map or the option of full maps of Western Europe. Other key features include a three megapixel auto focus camera, FM radio and Micro SD memory card slot for adding to the 128MB RAM. The device will be available form both retailers and SIM free from HTC from this month. Launched in June 2007, the HTC Touch was the first member of the HTC Touch family and has proven to be a massive hit since it launched. The HTC Touch Dual, which features HSDPA connectivity and a sliding keypad, was launched in October 2007. Key specifications: – Qualcomm 7200 chipset – Built-in GPS receiver – TomTom mapping – 400MHz CPU – TouchFLO UI – 256MB/128 MB ROM/RAM – Wi-Fi connectivity – Bluetooth 2.0 – GSM/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps – 2.8” QVGA Touch Screen – FM Radio – Micro SD memory card – Windows Mobile 6.0 – HTC Home screen