HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld Review

Finalbattle13_2 “Before we get to the meat of this review, I must make a quick note. My iPAQ review unit came in a generic white box, rather than retail packaging, so I can’t swear that the device reviewed is exactly as it is off the shelf. It’s not unheard of for HP to ship pre-release units for review. These may come with pre-release software versions, which aren’t as polished as the final production run. Then again, everything could be exactly the same. I sent a query about this through HP’s PR firm, but unfortunately HP didn’t respond before this review went to press, so I’m not sure.And a further note, to untwist some of HP’s notoriously strange numbering system: The iPAQ 110, 111, 112, and 114 are all the same device, more or less. The 110 and 111 are available in the US, the 112 is the version for Asia/Pacific, and it’s called the 114 in Europe. They may vary slightly in terms of languages pre-loaded, and including the proper AC power adapters for their localities of sale, but the hardware itself is the same.” Read more here:

Li Nuggz for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Review

Linuggz tropical island screenshot” Here’s the plot if you want it: You are Li-Nuggz, a magical creature that grew from a small apple, who now has to fight a dragon called Drago who has invaded your home island.As stated above, the basic aim is to split various bouncing objects into ever-smaller pieces without getting squashed by them. To help you, you have an unlimited supply of spears which will split any object it comes into contact with, and you can collect various bonuses including weapon upgrades, object freezers, bonus points etc. You have three lives (it says 2 on the screen but you’re still alive at 0) and a set time limit to clear each level, which may or may not involve climbing ladders, jumping on platforms and using lifts. You can jump up, left or right, and you can assign all controls to whatever keys you want, so you should be able to find suitable combinations for any phone model.” Read more here: