Garmin Colorado handheld rumors

“There are rumors circulating on GPS message boards of a new handheld series from Garmin, the Colorado.We have no real details yet; the following was posted on a forum thread on the Garmin Colorado: “I have had my hands on one of the prototypes, should be released spring ’08. The large round button allows quick navigation to various functions from each page activated from options button on top right of unit (as you look at it…..opens a “window” on screen). Nice form factor overall, easy one handed operation and fast processor. I work in a marine store and all the Garmin reps have ’em in hand to evaluate. Nice unit, retail will be in the $500 + range, street price remains to be seen.” Garmin is always so tight-lipped about new products, I have my doubts that they are out showing off prototypes. Nevertheless, with a Garmin 60Cx / 60CSx rebate available through the end of the year, clearing out stock, perhaps it’s true.The most likely venue for an announcement is the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. I’ll be there covering all the latest for GPS Tracklog readers, including any new products introduced by Garmin.” via