Palm Reports Q2 FY08 Results

“Palm Inc today reported that total revenue in the second quarter of fiscal year 2008, ended Nov. 30, was $349.6 million. Smartphone sell-through for the quarter was 686,000 units, up 11 percent year over year. Smartphone revenue was $282.4 million. Palm took a loss for the quarter of $9.6 million (or 9 cents a share), roughly in line with the warning issued earlier this month. “We are transforming Palm to exploit the market opportunity and instilling operational rigor throughout the organization. We’ve taken actions to align our expenses to the current operating environment and are focusing on core initiatives that will have the greatest impact on achieving our long-term success,” said Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer. “We are pleased with the early success of the Palm Centro and intend to deliver more Windows Mobile and Palm-based products throughout the next year.” Net loss applicable to common shareholders for the quarter was $9.6 million, or $(0.09) per diluted common share. Net loss applicable to common shareholders included stock-based compensation expense of $14.3 million, amortization of intangible assets of $1.0 million, restructuring charges of $10.1 million and accretion of Series B convertible preferred stock of $0.8 million. This compares to net income for the second quarter of fiscal year 2007 of $12.8 million, or $0.12 per diluted share. Net loss in the second fiscal quarter, measured on a non-GAAP basis, totaled $7.8 million, or $(0.07) per diluted share, excluding stock-based compensation expense, amortization of intangible assets, restructuring charges and accretion of Series B convertible preferred stock and adjusting the related income tax provision to 42 percent. This compares to non-GAAP net income in the second quarter of fiscal year 2007 of $17.6 million, or $0.17 per diluted share, which excluded the effects of stock-based compensation expense, amortization of intangible assets and the related income tax provision. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or EBITDA, totaled negative $33.3 million. EBITDA, adjusted to add back stock-based compensation, other non-operating expense and restructuring charges, or Adjusted EBITDA, totaled negative $8.7 million.” Read more here:

HanDBase v4.0 Is Out And Runs Everywhere!

” Boost Your Productivity. Mobilize your important data with HanDBase!HanDBase is a mobile relational database that has been awarded top honors by leading handheld reviewers for its…– Simple interface enabling users the ability to create their own custom database solution in minutes– Two-Way Synchronization ConduitIn fact HanDBase is the only mobile database program to earn the prestigious Palm Platinum Certified award for passing rigid performance and reliability testing.” Check this great program here:

Cowon A3 Review At Gadgetaholic!

“The user interface of the A3 is very intuitive; you hardly need to open a manual to use this player. Its main screen shows icons representing all the 10 main functions of the player. These include Movie, Music, Photo, Document, Browser, Mobile TV, Radio, Record, Recent Files and Setup. The user navigates through the user interface using a 4-direction joystick and 4 slim buttons (Back, A, B and C). To perform a function, the user presses down on the joystick. The Back button takes the user back to the previous screen. The rest of the buttons change functions depending on what screen is current displaying.” Read more here:

emTube YouTube client for S60 phones Review

“The application runs on all S60 3rd Edition phones, but you may find that real-time video playback is not possible on older devices. More recent devices such as the E65, N93 and N95 should work fine. I tested the application on the N95, there were a few stutters, but generally the video was smooth, and is one of the best mobile FlashVideo player implementations, in terms or quality, that I have seen. emTube allows you to watch videos as they are downloading – after an initial pause for buffering you can start playing the video as the rest of it downloads. As usual with video downloads, they’re best done over Wi-Fi, and there will be longer pauses before playback on 3G and (of course) GPRS/EDGE.Aside from the basic video browsing and viewing functions, there’s an impressive level of functionality in emTube, considering this is a first release. You can download a video to your phone’s internal memory or memory card. emTube can be used to play back locally stored flash video files. You can also add a video to your favourites list as a way to quickly get back to videos you want to watch later. From the search page it is possible to access all the user videos of the currently selected video and you can also view videos related to the currently selected video. You can also view the video details, which includes a variety of information including title, author, duration, view count and average rating. ” Read more about this great FREE application here:

Linkboy For Symbian UIQ 3 App Launcher 1.4 is out!

“LinkBoy provides up to 45 shortcuts to frequently used tasks, that can be displayed as executable icons on the standby screen. Shortcuts are available for the full range of applications, phone settings, multimedia files, web pages, contact actions, and common tasks. All key functions of the built-in standby screen are left intact by LinkBoy. While it is most useful on the P990, LinkBoy can also be used on all other UIQ3 phones, either over the Standby screen, or as a self-contained collection of highly customizable shortcuts.. NEW in version 1.40: Enhanced Activity options for selective display of shortcut sets depending on flip mode. New button and menu commands for direct selection of any shortcut set. Numeric keys used as hotkeys for invoking shortcuts. Configuration of caption font size. More flexible arrangement of shortcut icons. New Blank shortcut type to allow spaces between shortcuts. Dramatically improved speed of loading contact shortcuts. Numerous additional features, improvements and bugfixes.” Check it here: