Samsung i450 review: Symbian sounds good

“In all fairness, the dimensions of Samsung i450 seemed more than acceptable to us but if size is a make-or-break thing for you when buying a phone, you should probably look elsewhere.The build quality of the Samsung i450 is good and high quality materials have been used for its finishing. The plastic is not too shiny, which makes it less prone to fingerprints. At least the fingerprints are hardly visible, except for the display area. We didn’t fall in love with the slider mechanism. Not that it rendered any obstacles to usability but its spring was far too strained – resulting in an unusual rigidity when closing it. However that may as well be a subject to some fine tuning.” Read more here:

Top 5 Mobile Tech Companies of 2007 Apple Sells 5 Million

“Since it’s debut in June of this year Apple has sold over 5 million iPhones, it is quite an amazing acheivement being that Apple is totally new to the cell phone industry and being able to shake it up and make such a massive impact in such a shot amount of time in the industry is a phenomenal effort. Apple is one of the most dynamic and smartest companies in the world (Not just in the tech industry, but all industries), they make it in our TOP 5 Most Dynamic Mobile Tech Companies of 2007:1. Samsung Electronics – (Every gadget you can image, growing fast in the cell phone sector)2. Apple Inc – (Business of The Year, Announced one of greatest innovations of all time for a 2nd time in the form of iPhone, better Macs, opening heaps of branded stores and doing smart long term business deals with major wireless providers around the world.)3. Google -(Dominating Ad sector, Youtube, Future Andriod, All worldwide search engines growing fast in mobile sector, doubleclick, spectrum? and completely dominates the top 100 sites in the world list.)4. Micorsoft – (suit settled, could dominate video games sector soon, new vista, office and more great software, wm 6.0, more great software, making bold moves in cell phone sector and zune, facebook, looking into buying top sites. Unlike Yahoo, Microsoft has taken it up to Apple and Googles challenges this year and in 2008 look for a good year from them.)5.Research in Motion (Blackberry, Worldwide deals, great looking phones, great operating system, easy to use products, less competition from palm)” via

One more program added to the Personality Pack with the same price!

CrazySoft Mega Personality Pack“We have made a pack of programs that specializes in analyzing someone’s personality, esotericism and discover his inner thoughts and feelings.Find out everything about you and your partner, analyze your palm and fingers, read your horoscope and numerology, make more than 1000 questions psychology tests, play psychology games, read the Tarot and find answers and a lot more…–24/December/2007 UPDATE —* One more program added to the Personality Pack with the same price (29.95$)!* 5 programs sold in the pack now which worth 80.75$ for just 29.95$!* New program added: ‘Aristotle Virtuousness Test more’ This program is a simple 11 step test which determines how much virtuous you are according to Aristotle*. (*It’s the world known Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato’s student.)* All newest updated added.” Check this GREAT pack here:

mBrain Software releases version 1.75 of Pdf+ for Symbian UIQ 3.x smartphones

Hand“Today, mBrain Software has released version 1.75 of Pdf+ (for UIQ 3.x smartphones), the leading PDF reader for Symbian smartphones. Pdf+ (for UIQ 3.x smartphones) is available in two editions, Pdf+ Basic and Pdf+ Standard. Pdf+ Basic offers basic functionality. Users can view all pages, go to any page, search for strings, set the zoom level, full screen and landscape mode and reflow the text. Chinese and Japanese PDF files are fully supported. Email attachments and PDF files downloaded from the Web can be read as well. Pdf+ Standard offers in addition bookmark support, following of links, opening of websites, sending Emails and dialing phone numbers. Full support for password-protected PDF files is available in this version too. It is possible to upgrade from Pdf+ Basic to Pdf+ Standard, by installing Pdf+ Standard Upgrade. All editions of Pdf+ support shortcuts for quick access to often-used commands.For owners of the SonyEricsson UIQ 3.x smartphones with Pdf+ in ROM, such as the P990, the M600 and the P1, a special, and free, distribution is available that will install Pdf+ Standard on their device.” Full details are available here: