Pics of the Samsung F490 and P720 full touch screen phones

samsung-f490-samsung-p720-duos-live “Let’s start with the F490, it’s the one without the built in flip cover. Not only does it look good, but with a full touch-screen, a 5MP camera and tactile feedback, it works well too.Add onto that the fact that the screen has a 3.2 inch diagonal (almost the same as the iPhone) and a 240×432 resolution and you are that much closer to an iPhone competitor. Then consider the HSDPA, lack of a keyboard (which means on-screen typing like the iPhone) and you seem to have Samsung’s version of an upgraded iPhone, provided they don’t FUBAR the OS they put on it.Then there is the P720, the one with the built in flip cover, its an Armani phone. It has a 2.6” screen with fully touch interface, tactile feedback, and generally the same features as its predecessor, the P520. There is also a 3MP camera. The difference is in the dual SIM card capability this phone has, which is good since it appears to be headed to the eastern European and Asian countries.” via