LG KS20 review at phonearena!

WiFiMobile.gif “The 2.8 inches TFT touch screen, covers 1/3 of the whole front. As it is touch-sensitive, it is used for the control of hte phone. Its specs are not any different than the rest of the phones in this class. The QVGA resolution is big enough for its physical size with small pixels, resulting in detailed images. The colors are saturated and realistic and the contrast is good. You’ll have difficulties reading it under direct sunlight even with the brightness set at maximum. Above the display are located the speaker and the video calling VGA camera, which despite the large display doesn’t stay unnoticed.The Answer/Reject call buttons, positioned below the display are in the classic black color and with a well expressed relief, so they are easy to use. The Clear button found in PRADA is replaced with a 5-way joystick. Fundamentally, it should accommodate the navigation through the menus, but in this case, it is positioned too low, as well as the other two buttons, which makes them hard to use while holding the phone in your hand.” Read more here:

Palms Next Generation OS is Code named Nova

“Recently the question of what to call Palm’s next generation OS has been a source of confusion and commotion around the boards here at PIC. Members have so far been referring to it by a multitude of names and acronyms such as: Palm OS 2, POS II, POX, Palm’s Palm OS, ALPOS, Palm’s next-generation linux based operating system and even Palm OS Mobile Professional Ultimate Treo edition. So the need to have a single, proper way to refer to the new OS is crucial. Fortunately, PalmInfocenter has recently learned of the code-name being used around Palm Inc. from a reliable source. The internal code name for Palm’s next generation OS is Nova. The current release schedule being discussed by Palm management is to announce and get Nova out to developers in some form later this calendar year. I’ve heard reports from inside the company that Nova is presently being demoed and tested internally on an unreleased future Palm device code-named Zeppelin. Statements made by Palm executives indicate that Palm will be making some partner and developer announcements around Nova later in 2008. The earliest estimates for when it will actually ship on new Palm hardware is currently February 2009. ” via palminfocenter.com