Psarakia is out for all latest BlackBerry RIM phones!

“From the makers of PaintBall & Frutakia a ‘fresh’ idea of puzzle gaming that won’t let you alone! Now just released for your BlackBerry phones. Game Objective: Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!FEATURES:* Supports all latest devices.* 16bit crystal clear graphics!* Full screen graphics!* Frame by frame smooth animation* Speed control * Roller navigator support* Rich Sound effects (Only if device support it)* Vibration in game (Only if device support it)* Export Hi-Scores to internet ” Check this great game here:

Opera Mini 4 upgrade is out!

Opera Mini 4 beta ScreenshotOpera Mini 4 beta ScreenshotOpera Mini 4 beta Screenshot “While most people have been getting excited about the pre-announcement of Opera Mobile 9.5, the hugely popular (and free) little sister, Opera Mini 4, has just had a big back-end (i.e. the bit that does the work) upgrade, which (among other changes, listed below) should improve browsing speed by (up to) another 20%.Opera Mini 4 is, as always, at (from your smartphone).Changes made this week include, according to the Opera blog post: Added a simple UI to the server-side preferences that exists. Go to ‘opera:config’ to configure some settings. Tweaked phonenumber detection, there should be somewhat fewer false positives now, but you can now also disable the feature on the opera:config page. Increased the default timeouts to 40 seconds from 20. Updated to a HTML rendering engine to be similar to the latest Opera 9.5 weekly release. Fixed support for entering hostnames starting with a number (eg, as a URL without the starting http:// Made content folds visible even when the background is black. Fixed inter-page links (). Fixed clipping rectangle for iframes with hidden overflow css properties, this bug caused some links inside some iframes to be unclickable. Fixed HTTP basic auth for pages with non-7bit authentication realm. Pages with nested tags are now somewhat easier to navigate (Link 1 Link 2), it’s now possible to follow both the inner and the outer link. New WML stylesheet. Various optimizations resulting in the average transcoding time to be 20% lower.” via

Motorola M990 Smart Rider phone approved by FCC

“The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified Motorola M990 Smart Rider. This unusual device is dubbed “GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone”. Reportedly, it is it is targeted to a broad band of markets looking for exclusivity like business men, limousines and private cars. Motorola M990 Smart Rider incorporates the support of GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, voice communication, Internet access, GPS-receiver and Bluetooth interface. The source hasn’t specified the release date. However it has already got the FCC approval, and thus we can expect it in the US soon.” via