Neonode Introduces Neonode N2 with New Color

neonode-n2-8 “Neonode today announced the release of a new color portfolio for Neonode N2. Up to four new designed colors will be available. Details about the colors will be presented in March.”The release of the color portfolio is a natural extension of a great product that has already sold more than 30,000 units in the last quarter of 2007. We strongly believe that the new colors as well as upcoming accessories will constitute a product assortment that will enhance our coming sales of Neonode N2 even further,” said Per Hellberg, Vice President of Sales at Neonode.Currently Neonode N2 is available throughout markets in Europe and is also sold via the company’s web shop. Recently the company made its first shipment of Neonode N2 to India, by signing a distribution agreement with privately held Turnstone Mobile Media LLC. Neonode’s innovative products are marketed in North America, Latin America and China through Neonode USA.” via

Samsung confirms European launch and availability of the SGHi780

“In a meeting with Samsung Europe, the Korean mobile phone manufacture confirmed that the anticipated Samsung SGH-i780 Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone got its European launch this week.While carriers like Orange UK and Telefonica Movistar are confirmed to carry Samsung’s latest smartphone, other carriers will follow but Samsung didn’t disclosed which carriers these are.Nevertheless, Samsung also confirmed that shipments to the open market has also started which means you should be able to get a localized i780 from carrier independent mobile phone shops in your country soon as well.Prices depends on the country but without a contract, it should be available for something around 549 Euro.UPDATE: German, a Windows Mobile specialist and online shop had it (the German version) in stock already but it’s already sold out. Next shipments are expected for end of this month. And – best of all – the current price is 489 Euro only!” via

Sony Ericsson devices go overdrive with new fring version 3.30 for UIQ

“Yo, Yo, Yo Sony Ericsson people!We are happy to release a brand new version of the fring client for your devices, packed with the following features1. file transfer – swap files with any other fringster or PC buddy (currently MSN only, but more to come shortly)2. chat improvements – you spoke, we listened and using your ideas and suggestions we’ve created new fring chat feature, making the experience even closer to your PC chat sessions – give it a try – you won’t be sorry.3. fring is now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian – what can I say ? You asked for it, we translated it ;-)BTW: fring will automatically install the default language based on the handset language; you can always go to the More –> settings menu to change language4. privacy setting – your privacy is important to us! We’ve enhanced your privacy settings (you can now choose to show/hide your signature on PC IM clients as well as control mood message and switch them on/off )5. fringtons & vibrate: bring on the tunes. Want to change fringtones ? Go to our fringtones page to check out and download free ringtones to your handset (or simply choose one already loaded into the music library on your device)” Check it here:

Google Releases Native Search client for Symbian S60

“Google has released a native client for Google search for S60 phones. The application, available via the Google mobile site, places a shortcut to a Google search box on the Idle screen (unfortunately only for devices with either a ‘Ctrl’ or ‘pencil/edit’ key), but is also accessible via the usual application launcher on all devices. Typing in a query to the search box and pressing search opens up Web and takes you to the results page for that Google query in one go. It uses the new Google Mobile search service we mentioned a few weeks ago. Last week Google and Nokia announced that Google Search would be added to the Nokia Mobile Search application that ships with all recent S60 devices. This means that Google Search will soon be available via Nokia’s search client. As such, Google’s release of its own native search client is something of an unnecessary repetition. However the benefits of the Google search client is its immediate availability, its specificity and the fact it is much faster loading than Nokia’s client. I was able to go from a standing start to a search result in around 5 seconds (less if you’re quick at T9).The application adds a shortcut to the Google Search client from the Idle screen. The second screenshot shows the Google search box as it appears from the Idle screen shortcut (it looks the same if you launch via the application menu).” Read more here: