Palm Centro for AT&T Wireless review!

“Back in October 2007, we reviewed the Palm Centro, at that time exclusive to Sprint in the US. Now AT&T is offering the GSM version of Palm’s most affordable PDA phone. Selling for $50 less than the Treo 680 on AT&T Wireless, the Centro is also smaller and lighter. The Centro is an introductory level PDA phone that runs Palm OS Garnet 5.4.9 (same as the 680) and it does most everything the 680 does, with a less expensive casing. PDA phones and smartphones (what’s the difference: PDA phones have touch screens) used to sell for $500 but these days, prices have dropped, and even power-user models like the AT&T Tilt selling for considerably less. AT&T’s smartphone lineup is so broad that the Centro’s biggest competition comes from within AT&T’s line: the Samsung BlackJack II, Pantech Duo and BlackBerry Pearl also sell for $99 with a 2 year contract. The BlackBerry Curve, Treo 680 and Motorola Q Global sell for $149. Palm and AT&T are betting that Palm OS fans and touch screen lovers will flock to the only $99 device with a touch screen. The hip, young look and small size are attractive to youthful first time smartphone buyers and the touch screen has become a hotter commodity since the introduction of the iPhone. And unlike Windows Mobile, the Centro, like all Palm OS devices, syncs to Mac OS out of the box.The Centro, like the Treo 680 but unlike the Treo 750, has EDGE but no 3G for data. It weighs only 4.2 ounces and uses the same Marvel PXA 312MHz processor as the Treo 680 (the Treo 750 has a 300MHz Samsung processor). It has Bluetooth, a 320 x 320 pixel color touch screen, PTT and is a quad band GSM world phone. It’s available in two colors: Glacier white with green accents and Obsidian black (available approximately mid-March). ” Read more here:

Sony Ericsson G900 preview: Touch and go

Close window “The Sony Ericsson G900 is physically identical to the G700 with a 2.4” 262K-color TFT display of QVGA resolution. However the G900 has more to offer than its sibling – bringing Wi-Fi support and a 5 megapixel auto focus camera it looks set to cause high-tech high-end excitement.As with the G700, UMTS support with video calls is also on board, along with stereo Bluetooth and an M2 memory card slot. Sony Ericsson also made a big deal of their Notes applications that allows you to organize your life with electronic yellow Sticky Notes (they come in other colors, too). Read more here:

Nokia N96 Hands on Preview at allaboutsymbian!

“The N96’s overall design and styling is very similar to that of the N81, but there are elements of the N95, N82 and N81 in the design too. The overall impression is that of polished, flat surfaces with silver highlights. The N96, at least subjectively, looks and feels like a high end device and this should improve the device’s appeal among style conscious users.At 103 x 55 x 18 mm, the N96 is relatively large, but much of that is necessary to accommodate the large 2.8inch screen. It is marginally longer and wider than the N95, but very slightly thinner.” Read more here: