Samsung patents 3D hologrphic display!

“Samsung has showed off a new patent, showing an ordinary mobile phone, with a projection display, and possibly a 3D holographic screen. You may ask what the point of this is – the reasoning is simple enough. It’s well known that the LCDs used in phones are quite thick, and, due to different production techniques, horizontal and vertical sizes of displays have gradually standardised, whih limits the different design types of phone quite a bit. Whilst this is only a patent, optical projectors are now small enough to fit in phones, so it could come into th market, at some point. One thing that is missing, currently, is a refractive plate, which basically evenly spreads out incoming light waves, which picks up projected light, and turning it into an image on the phones display.” via

StyleTap Coming to the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch?

“StyleTap, the company that develops a Palm OS environment for Windows Mobile devices, has posted a video of an experimental version of StyleTap running on a iPod Touch. According to the company, the video is more of a proof of concept and not an actual product at this time. StyleTap is also not saying definitively whether or not they will release a official version. In the video the Touch is shown running a variety of native Palm OS applications. Bobby Chew, a developer for StyeTap says “This experimental version can run ARMlets and because of the screen size, uses hi-res (double density) bitmaps and fonts. If Apple’s security and application installation and distribution scheme isn’t too restrictive, it looks like StyleTap will be able to run the same applications on the iPhone/Touch, Symbian and Windows Mobile/CE platforms.” Since there is no Apple approved method at this time to install any outside applications on its mobile devices, it is likely any release would have to wait until Apple releases their official iPhone/Touch SDK. The model shown in the video has been “jailbroken” in order to modify it to run third party applications. Apple previously promised to put an SDK in developers hands by the end of February, however as of this writing they have not posted any further details.” via