Y Browser updated to 0.88 for Symbian S60!

“Browser is a filebrowser application designed for S60 3rd edition devices (Symbian OS 9–>). Earlier releases include also versions for 1st and 2nd edition, but since 0.80 only 3rd edition devices are supported. This is due some API’s that are only supported in 3rd edition.If you need more information on the functionality of Y-Browser, you can visit AllAboutSymbian or Symbian in motion and read the reviews they have written. Incase you feel that some file support or other type of functionality is missing from the Y-Browser, then you could visit NewLC and start implementing your own plug-ins for Y-Browser.Y-Browser is currently available in following 30 languages:English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Russian Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Chinese(PRC),Chinese(Taiwan), Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Romanian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Slovak, Greek, Croatian, Finnish, Serbian, Norwegian, Fyrom & Arabic.If your language is not included yet, please download YBrowser_LanguageStrings.xls and translate the strings. Note that there is four sheets in the excel file and some of them are quite long, thus remember to scroll. Plug-in modules are currently available only in english, but I’ll try finding some time to get them translated soon.” Check it here:

mOcean v3.2.1 Released For Palm OS!

“mOcean is a truly portable multimedia player that you can use in many different ways guaranteeing maximum flexibility and entertainment. Features: Create, save and load playlists on-the-go Play MP3 by artist, album, genres or song title, or play according to your own ratings Listen to music in the background Synchronize your music with iTunes on Windows or Mac Listen to recommended Internet Radios or add your own favorites Subscribe and play your favorite podcasts or browse the recommendations Turn the wheel and listen to your collection of audio books View your photo albums or play them as a slideshow Play your video smoothly and vividly Personalize your smartphone by changing and customizing skins, background image or selecting interface that fits you best Integrated with phone features” Check it here:

Meizu M8 MiniOne New Interface Looks great!

meizu-m8-user-interface.jpg “Has Meizu finally stopped tweaking on the M8 phone, a.k.a the Chinese iPhone? Cnmo.com of China believes so, and they have published several scintillating photos of an all-black Meizu M8 phone. Yes, even the GUI is black. Now, I don’t know about how die-hard Apple fans would react to the photo above and the additional photos below, but you must be damned blind if you didn’t think the Chinese iPhone is just rad. And oh, it’s going to be released in China in August.” Read more here: