Samsung D780 dual SIM GSM candybar!

“Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone and telecommunication equipment provider, today announced the launch of Samsung D780, the latest dual standby mobile.With Dual Standby, users can carry just one mobile phone and operate it as two mobile phones using two SIM cards. Even while consumers are using a certain mobile number, they are still able to get a call from the other number. Seamless transition from one to the other number provides exactly same experience to bring two different mobile phones while just carrying one single mobile phone.Samsung D780 is a prefect device for business and professional users, who are looking for efficiency both in their business and private life.Samsung D780 is the successor of its widely renowned D880, Samsung’s first GSM dual standby mobile. While D880 is a luxurious slider form factor, D780 incorporates minimal and sophisticated bar type design with premium dark silver color and mirror silver color.Similar to D880, the Samsung D780 also offers strong multimedia features such as 2-megapixel camera, 2.1” crystal clear QVGA TFT display and FM radio. Furthermore, it also equips long-lasting 1200 mAh battery and strong connectivity through Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0.Samsung D780 will first be available in Russia from May and in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Middle East shortly afterwards.Strengthening its leadership in GSM dual standby market, Samsung will offer more diverse dual standby mobiles during the remaining year.” via

Comparing audio recording Nokia N93 vs N95 vs N82!

“Having been shooting some casual video clips on the Nokia N82, I was struck by how loud and fairly aggressively amplified the audio track was, Nokia has obviously been fiddling with the automatic gain control on their video audio (if you see what I mean) over the years.The Nokia N93 had much quieter audio in general, and with a less dramatic response to quick changes in volume – in part, this was one of the reasons why the N93 performed so badly when taken to a music venue – the response of its audio circuitry to loud snare drum beats isn’t pretty. Things were tightened up for the N95, with faster response and higher gain overall, for better ‘instant’ results. I suspect that the N82 might have the same basic algorithm but with a slightly lower quality microphone, resulting in a harsher sound. All very subjective, so I took a little time out and put this to a test: Note that in order to improve the video podcast, I normalised the volume levels – those from the N95 and N82 were originally around TEN times louder than that from the E61i, and twice as loud as that from the N93.There’s no doubt that the sound from the N93’s twin stereo mikes is richer – you can’t appreciate the stereo in this subject setting, but it makes a huge difference when shooting family and friends outdoors – watching back video with stereo sound on your TV or home cinema later, it’s much more immersive.The other devices all record audio through the standard phone microphone – given this fact, it’s surprising how good the soundtrack on the N95 and N82 is – I guess the Nseries is equipped with high spec mikes as standard.Having mono sound for videos is a shame though. Given how expensive an N95 is to buy and the spec level in other areas, surely a set of N93-style stereo mikes shouldn’t have been out of the question? Maybe Nokia could equip the N97 with stereo audio?” via

Palm's Q3 Loss Was Larger Than Reported

“Palm today released its Form 10-Q Quarterly report documents. The filling reveals that Palm lost $57 million dollars in the previous quarter, up from the $31.5 million which was previously reported. Palm took an additional $25 million write-down charge for its auction-rate securities that have since lost value with the current problems in the debt and credit market. The Wall Street Journal recently published a report on the current problems with auction-rate securities and the tech industry which mentioned Palm. “ via

Samsung G810 gets April 14th UK release date

” Samsung’s brushed stainless steel G810 slider was one of the standout handsets at MWC this year, and UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced it will be available for Brits from April 14th – just one week away. With HSDPA (up to 3.6Mbps), WiFi b/g, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, face detection and onboard image editor, and a 2.6-inch screen, the G810 is being positioned as Samsung’s pre-emptive rival to the Nokia N96.As with the N96, the G810 will run Symbian v9.2 S60 3rd Edition and have access to YouTube; however, Nokia’s smartphone is not expected to hit the UK until August this year, giving Samsung almost three months to corner the market.No price for either handset has been revealed.”via

HTC Android Dream Set to Launch on May 6th?

“Chalk this one up in the rumor column for now, but it seems like May the 6th could serve as the date where HTC reveals the Dream handheld, the company’s first smartphone to be powered by the Google Android operating system. The source of this rumor stems from the fact that HTC is hosting a major event in London on that day and the tagline for the event is “Witness the next wave of HTC Innovation.”Up until now, the company has focused its attention on Windows Mobile, so it makes sense that the “next wave” has something to do with a shirt in their focus to Google Android. At the same time, it could just be some sort of el lamo reveal with a slightly modified version of Windows Mobile, maybe with a change to TouchFLO. We certainly hope it has more to do with Android though.HTC has gone on the record to say that an Android-powered handset will be ready for a commercial launch by mid-2008, but they haven’t gotten any more specific about the HTC Dream. As you know, HTC supplied many of the reference designs for the Android development team. The Dream, we hear, will get a full touchscreen interface and an onscreen keyboard.” via