iPhone SDK Beta 4 May Allow Background Processes

“One of the biggest problems that developers and end users alike have had with the iPhone SDK is the reported limitations with regards to background processes. By limitations, we mean that the original SDK guidelines specified that third-party applications were simply not permitted to run processes in the background. This would have been a huge problem. Hoards of potential applications would be rendered useless by these restrictions. Examples include IM apps, profile implementation and scheduling apps, theft recovery applications and thousands of other possibilities. While it still may be a problem, the latest word on the street is that the new iPhone SDK beta that has just been released may have changed the rules in this department. An anonymous developer who recently analyzed the latest SDK made some interesting findings:

There are definitely some very interesting methods added to UIApplication’s delegate, including methods for badging the Springboard icon, and methods related to gaining and resigning “active” status – seems like background apps may be permitted somehow.

Apple seems to be making a habit of not only listening to internet outcry, but responding to it as well. That, people, is a very good thing.” via boygeniusreport.com

LG and Prada to Announce LG Prada II

“LG Electronics and Prada has released a official statement in Taiwan on their next iconic mobile phone. The LG Prada II will be upgraded to support HSDPA connection and with a QWERTY keyboard add on. Their first LG Prada phone was launched in early 2007.The officiall statement did not include any press photo, but specs of the new LG Prada II is available according to ePrice. Other than keeping the full touch screen on the Prada II, the Prada II will be a slider phone design. The sliding keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard, those frequent IM users or Corporate business users will love this new add on.
Specifications of LG Prada II

  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/2100
  • HSDPA with 7.2Mbps capabilities
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g
  • 3-inch WQVGA TFT Touch Screen, 400 x 240 resolution
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 0.3 megapixel secondary camera for video call
  • Sliding QWERTY keyboard
  • MP3/ WAV/ WMV Player
  • FM Radio
  • TV-OUT
  • HTML Browser
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • microSDHC card slot, support up to 8GB” via slashphone.com

Samsung miCoach Review at phonearena!

“The sun had just risen over the horizon, a few minutes ago and was bringing a little gift of beauty and calamity to the big city. Indolently caressing every window, it was trying to remind the people of the beginning of the new day.It gently seduced the blinds of my bedroom, kissed the rectangular black box (with dimensions 4.0 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches (101.5 x 45 x 14.5 mm)), lying on my nightstand and in this very moment, it blinked. The two-inch display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels became alive and 262k colors became a part of the morning. Finally, the alarm clock of my Samsung miCoach slider, made in partnership with adidas, politely tried to push me out of the bed. I reached, took it in my hand, for a hundredth time astonished at its incredible lightness (only 2.8 оz (80 grams)) and sat in the bed, in such a way as not to let the sun light fall directly on its screen. This is one of the few things that I hate about this phone. Even at maximum brightness, the screen is unusable in broad daylight. ” Read more here: