BlackBerry 9000 Internal Spec Sheet leaked!!

“Enough with the speculation, the rumors, the spokespersons commenting on our blogging abilities — we’re setting it all straight right here with this internal RIM doc we just got a hold of. You might be thinking that cover page above is the best part — it is pretty sexy isn’t it — well, it’s not. We’ve got the rundown on everything from language support, to themes, to the redone media appplications. We’re talking the browser, the setup wizard, Wi-Fi, streaming video, and anything else you could want. The latest release date we’re hearing is actually July now (go figure), and that RIM is working on those power problems with the quickness. As we’ve been told, the newer builds are definitely better but not quite there yet. We’ve got a good idea of when it’s going to be announced, but we’ll keep that one to ourselves for now. You know you want to jump over to our gallery!” More photos here:

Nokia N810 WiMax Editions Price Revealed

“The Nokia N810 WiMax Edition was announced at the CTIA Wireless Convention earlier this month, but no price was given at that time. All that was stated by Nokia was that the cost would be similar to the N810’s when it was released.However, an online retailer has revealed the price of this upcoming Internet Tablet. According to an entry at, the N810 WiMax Edition shows the list price as being $480, with a exclusive price of $456. Despite the entry, the item is noted as being temporarily out of stock.View the N810 WiMax Edition page to place a pre-order.
As its name suggests, this upcoming device is nearly identical to the older N810, featuring a 4.1 inch, WVGA screen; keyboard; 2 GB of internal storage; Wi-Fi; GPS; and miniSDHC slot for memory expansion.In a press event at CTIA, Nokia has emphasized that the N810 WiMAX Edition will specifically support Sprint’s XOHM WiMAX service, and will be available in stores in areas where that service is available, or through Nokia’s direct sales. ” via

All PDAmills Palm OS Games Are Now Free!

“Several years ago, we developed many of our great titles for the Palm OS platform. However, in February of 2007 the decision to stop development for the Palm platform was made and our products were then discontinued. Until now, all of these titles were only available to customers who had purchased the games in the past. Due to an incredibly high demand, we have now released all of our past Palm titles for FREE! However, please be advised that these titles come with no warranty, no support, and may well not work on your device (the very reason we discontinued development for the platform). If you have any troubles with the games, do not contact support as you will not receive a reply.

  • Full, unlocked, completely playable games
  • Support for 320×320 and 480×320 Palm OS 5 devices
  • FREE ” Check them here:

Revival from Herocraft Review For Symbian!


“Revival is a turn-based strategy game with its fair share of tactical and micro-management elements. Those who know (and love) Civilization from everybody’s favourite game creator giant Sid Meier, will probably be able to jump right into this game of exploration, building and fighting.Some might remember Revival’s first version as a java game – this edition is an upgrade in every possible way, a great entrant in this strangely abandoned genre in the (Symbian) mobile gaming world.The background story puts you in the shoes of an ever-so wise intergalactic emissary, whose task is to expand a small tribe into a great empire, one to defeat the planet’s other tribes and acquiring the ultimate prize, means of interstellar travel. During the (more than 40 hours) long campaign you have to battle through 13 missions, each with its various goals. Invading existing cities, building and developing new ones, sending workers to mine and hunt, amassing (and controlling) an army, fighting on land and water, advancing in science and technology, will all be an important part of your success.Balancing these different areas is no minor feat. You may choose to excel in one field over an other but you never know if your opponent’s strongest point happens to be your weakest. You have 27 continents on 7 different planets to conquer, a realistic economic model and a detailed tutorial to get you up to speed. As you upgrade your buildings, you can recruit more and more advanced units, while your older troops will keep on fighting and collecting experience points, thus improving their chances against superior units.” Read more here:

Treo 500 Now Available on O2 UK

Treo 500v“UK Network Operator O2 is now offering the Treo 500 in the UK. Aimed at business users, the Treo 500 smartphone is available across O2’s top 100 stores as well as through its direct sales teams and online shop. The device, which comes in charcoal grey, is available free from O2 on select Pay Monthly tariffs, dependent on the tariff taken.The Treo 500 is a Windows Mobile 6 (Smartphone edition) powered smartphone. It comes equipped with a full qwerty keyboard and a 240×320 pixel transflective display. It has a tri-band GSM radio supporting the 900/1800/1900 bands and UTMS 2100. It also includes 256MB memory with 150MB available for user storage, a 2 megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD expansion slot.”Business users today are looking for compact devices that offer not only business functionality, such as email and access to documents, but also multimessaging capabilities and high-speed Internet access. The Treo 500 smartphone provides everything you need to manage your work and personal lives whilst on the go,” said Roy Bedlow, vice president, Palm EMEA.”We are delighted that O2 customers will now be able to benefit from everything the Treo 500 has to offer. The Palm Treo 500 smartphone broadens our offering to business customers looking for an intuitive, fully functional smartphone,” said Tim Weston, head of Marketing for XDA & Data Devices, O2 UK. ” via

Hand Reading Pro 2008 updated for Windows Mobile Smartphones

PictureDial Released for the Treo 650“It’s all in your hands! This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests.
Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your PDA.
Surprise and impress your friends.
Discover more about yourself.
Entertain your family or even read other people�s
hands and know more about them.
— 29/Apr/2008 Update v1.2 —
* New resolution support: 320×320.
* Runs on: 400×240
* Runs on: 440×240
* Bug when inputting text fixed.
* Minor bugs fixed” Check it here: