CorePlayer Mobile and Pro v1.2.4 Released (Flash FLV Anyone?)

“This new release goes along way towards what ppl have asked for, so let me address that here rather then try and go through whats hidden within the readme.
– We now support the Adobe Flash Multimedia Container (FLV, F4V)
– All Symbian versions now feature our YouTube Browser
– CorePlayer on Symbian is much ‘happier’ now on the platform (and will be even more so with each release)
– We have added support for site specific functions like “Revision3′ (which we love) via RSS… so pick your feed and enjoy
First…. Thank you Adobe!! Your customers and our community appreciate the fact that you looked at what was best for them and opened up the SWF and FLV specs. This goes a long way at spreading the Flash love and opening the adoption for others such as we have here at CoreCodec with CorePlayer.
– At this time we will only support the Flash Container (FLV)
– Don’t look for CorePlayer to play the files ‘within’ a webpage (it will however play linked FLV content and open CorePlayer). Embbedded support will come by early next year with v2.0 of CorePlayerX/CorePlayer API integration.
– We will not support ON2’s VP6 as an embedded video codec anytime soon if at all. If the demand warrants it we will look into the possibilities but till then…
This is where we are taking a stand back approach. We will likely include SWF support at some point… but are looking at the options of either using the upcoming Adobe Runtime and or…. creating our own from scratch via the newly released SWF specs.
We have now added a new FLV (Medium) quality setting to the integrated YouTube browser. This adds another layer of choice for you to play with a see what works best for your YT video playback needs in CP.” Check it here:

What Platforms are being released today for v1.2.4?

CorePlayer Mobile
– Palm
– Pocket PC /Windows Mobile
– Smartphone
– Symbian s60 v2
– Symbian s60 v3
– Symbian UIQ v2
– Symbian UIQ v3

CorePlayer Pro
– Windows
– OS X

CorePlayer Platform
Version 1.2.4 build 4204 (4187 for Symbian) (20080509):

– FIX: YouTube seeking issues
– FIX: YouTube navigation on small screens
– FIX: Busy indicator on Palm and Symbian
– FIX: Revision3 RSS reading (watch out for the huge bandwidth needs)
– FIX: Keyframe issue on some rare AVC streams
– FIX: OS X: fix some display issues
– FIX: OS X: Conversion of some UTF16 strings
– FIX: Symbian: TCP/UDP connections are less blocking and more stable
– FIX: Symbian: Audio handling is more robust
– FIX: Symbian: UIQ3 backlight issues
– FIX: Symbian: Possible crash when playing MP3 and AVC
– FIX: Win32: File association on Vista
– ADD: FLV playback support (no VP6)
– ADD: F4V file extension
– ADD: Get the duration from RSS feeds
– ADD: Option to keep the screen on when playing audio files (too)
– ADD: Reading cover art from Zune folders
– ADD: Symbian: Keep the preferred access point in the preferences
– ADD: Symbian: Show the currently selected item in enums