Game Emulators on Symbian S60 3rd Edition devices and UIQ 3

Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Master System“First launched in 1985 in Japan as the SG-1000 Mark III, then renamed for its 1987 launch in Europe and America, the Master System was the first Sega console to set out and try to conquer the world. It was an 8-bit console with superior graphics to its main rival, the Nintendo Famicom/NES, but it didn’t do as well partly because Nintendo used some rather underhand tactics in the North American market that effectively locked Sega out of the console market there. The SMS did rather better in Europe and elsewhere though, and had some very good games released for it, especially Sega’s first party titles such as Phantasy Star and the 8-bit version of Sonic The Hedgehog.There were about 250 games released for the Master System.” Read more here:

HTC Diamond Keyboard Extracted for Your Windows Mobile Device


“The people at xda-developer did it again, you can now install the new HTC Diamond virtual keyboard in your Windows Mobile device.The hacked software should work with most Windows Mobile pocket pc phone. Currently the keyboard support Italian and English, once you install it is default to Italian language, you can change it easily at the setting option.You can download the hacks here, a new development on more languages support can be found here too.” via

HTC Touch Diamond First impressions at mobile review!

“Another feature of note is the Diamond’s ability to “suck” the stylus in. The implementation doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, however it is certainly questionable. The tip of the stylus is magnetized and inside the silo there is a tiny magnet strip that draws it in whenever you attempt to put the stylus where it belongs. While this setup is handy, make no mistake about that, we have certain doubts about how long it will actually serve the user. Obviously, the magnet is pretty much the only thing that keeps the stylus inside, but it will lose its power with time and therefore its grip won’t be just as firm.” Read more here: