RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 Review

HTC Prophet

“About this time last year RIM introduced the Curve 8300. The consumer-friendly feature set paired with RIM’s legendary QWERTY made it an instant hit, and CDMA users have lusted after it since day one. Now they finally have a Curve to call their own, and with a few enhancements to boot! The CDMA Curve 8330 brings some notable upgrades to the original GSM 8300 including a bump in memory, integrated GPS and most importantly high-speed EVDO data. Other specifications remain the same, such as the 2 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, 3.5 mm headphone jack and of course trackball navigation and that famous QWERTY keyboard. The Curve serves as a compliment to the Pearl in RIM’s lineup; both devices have all the power a business user needs but with the multimedia features they are both aimed at breaking into the consumer market. We’ll be taking a look at the Curves offered by both Verizon and Sprint.” Read more here: