fring frees hundreds of mobile phones, welcoming Java ME & Linux fringsters!


“We’re really excited to release fring for loads of the most popular Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones out there (for those in the know, the ones running on JavaME (J2ME)) We’ve created a special version called minifring for these phones that don’t yet support voice over IP calling. With minifring these users will now be able to communicate with growing community of fringsters worldwide. Also, the great new fring applications which developers around the world are working on will soon be available in the fringAdd-ons catalog for the hundreds of newly supported Java ME devices too!We also welcome Linux (Nokia N810) users with full fring features including internet calls, chat, presence and more + some unique features. I suspect there’s serious steroids in the water our R&D guys have been drinking….lol.” Check this great program here:

Beta version of Opera Mobile 9.5 is now available

On July 8th, we reported that the Beta version of Opera Mobile 9.5 would only see a release on Windows Mobile smartphone handsets. That has held true, as, today, it has been released, for, you guessed it – Windows Mobile-based smartphones. It is still unknown how far off release the beta version for Symbian-based handsets, though it shouldn’t be too far off. Judging by the features – coupled with a new, mainly touch-driven UI, clever zoom options, and the ability to save pages, and images, this looks to be the closest Desktop browsing experience Windows Mobile users can get. Get it here