Samsung and GyPSii sign agreement for Location Based and Social Networking Services

“GeoSentric Oyj’s, GeoSolutions BV Business Unit (GyPSii), today announced it has entered into a multi-year worldwide agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. Under the terms of the agreement, GyPSii will provide technology, products, worldwide data center infrastructure, and GyPSii branding rights to Samsung, on a worldwide non-exclusive basis for a range of Samsung products. GyPSii’s leading mobility digital lifestyle application will be initially be bundled on Samsung’s SGH-i900 Omnia and SGH-i780 Windows Mobile Professional smartphones as an embedded application. Samsung’s customers will be able to take full advantage of the location-based social networking digital lifestyle features of the GyPSii suite and create and share user generated content (UGC) with GyPSii’s global user community and other interoperable social networks such as Facebook.As the world’s second largest mobile manufacturer, Samsung will provide the new GyPSii enabled handsets on a global basis. The application will be made available to users in numerous local languages, with GyPSii providing the global infrastructure and operating platform to Samsung customers. GyPSii’s PlaceRank technology will be utilized to deliver highly contextual and personally relevant user generated content, regional POI (points of interest) and location-targeted advertising to users.If you want to try GyPSii on your current device, not a problem at all. It already interoperates on Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones, as well as the Apple iPhone, along with browser-based Internet connected devices. It can be accessed on the web at or a compatible phone’s mobile browser at ” via

Palm to Add Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth for Treo 800w Soon

As seen in the PIC’s review and amidst much online discussion of Palm’s new Treo 800w, one of the device’s major shortcomings is about to be quickly addressed Palm. According to this post on Palm’s 800w support page:
“Treo 800w Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth will be available soon as a download from this web page. Please return to this page in the coming days for the download and details.”
No additional details such as whether or not the update will be RAM or ROM-resident are offered, no is an exact release date given.
With the new 800w being the first Palm device to entirely forego any sort of standard wired headset or headphone connectivity, the lack of voice commands over a Bluetooth connection out of the box comes as a disappointment to users long accustomed to this feature on older, less-pricey mobile phones. Additionally, the 800w’s audio-out functionality is handled entirely via Bluetooth A2DP or via an optional microUSB-to-3.5mm stereo headphone adapter, so one would imagine Palm would have exercised caution to ensure all Bluetooth functionality was enabled at launch on this device. The 800w’s tandem of relatively advanced hardware and the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS are fully compliant for all Bluetooth protocols and functionality, unlike Palm’s smartphones based on their aging Garnet OS. So the lack of native voice dialing capability is a major and disappointing omission in what is Palm’s newest smartphone release and flagship device. The Treo 800w had its debut on Sprint earlier this month and is rumored to be heading to the Verizon network sometime in the next 3-6 months. ” via