BlackBerry pushed out at AT&T for iPhone?

“Research in Motion and its BlackBerry smartphones on the verge of falling out of favor at AT&T in exchange for the iPhone, says an investment note from Credit Suisse’s Kulbinder Garcha. The analyst notes that RIM’s share of smartphone sales at AT&T, which have crested at 70 percent in June, are unlikely to remain at such high levels and instead are more likely to drop as AT&T shifts the brunt of its promotion to the iPhone 3G. The touchscreen phone remains a strong seller three weeks after launch and has already seen AT&T agree to heavy subsidies to help push its sales where BlackBerry devices are strictly in line prices at other competitors. While not committing to a definitive estimate for the scale of the decline, Garcha believes the loss of marketing effort will be tangible enough to ultimately cost RIM its overall influence and hardware sales, even with the expected high-profile launch of the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder in the fall and a sales boost forecast to give RIM 55 percent of smartphone sales at Verizon.About 25 to 30 percent of RIM’s phone sales hinge on AT&T, the analyst says.RIM’s BlackBerry Bold smartphone has already been touted as a carrier exclusive in the US but caters more to the Canadian firm’s traditional office worker audience than the Thunder, which lacks the BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keyboard.The company is also thought to be a victim both of a limited market and of itself. While growing rapidly, the smartphone industry is said to be growing relatively slowly, expanding by a relatively modest 64 percent in 2009, and will face shrinking profit margins on its devices as it faces price cuts or else rising product costs in order to stay competitive.” via

Skype updated to operate under Windows Mobile 6.1

Are you a Skype user who has been waiting for its release in a Windows Mobile 6.1 compatible version? Well happy days are here for you my friend. Today GSMArena is reporting that the latest Skype release is compatible with version 6.1 of Windows Mobile. Skype is the ultra cheap VOIP solution (owned by eBay) that many use to make cheap FREE international calls. Its key claim to fame is that computer to computer calling is free – and only slightly more expensive if you want to call to a landline or cellular phone.
Important information

  • You need a minimum 12MB of free storage memory on your device to install Skype or 6MB free if you are installing from a memory card.
  • In order to use Skype for Windows Mobile, your device must have a high speed wireless Internet connection over WiFi or 3G.
  • Please note that data usage costs apply for using Skype over 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO and UMTS), so we recommend an unlimited data plan.
  • Please refer to your manual to see whether you have the Pocket PC or Smartphone edition.” Check it here:

NinerPad Released for Palm OS

Sketch ideas, to-dos, and notes almost as fast as you can think of them.Tag them, file them, and set reminder actions and alarms for them.Later, export them to GIF for sharing or integration with other devices and platforms.NinerPad: GTD tracking jotware for Palm.

• (almost) unlimited canvas. Size matters
• fast, smooth, variable-width ink is pretty
• folders, as many as you’ll need
• tags, as many as you’ll want
• reminder actions: procrastinating is fun
• queries, to find things now
• filing, cuz everything has a place
• folder favorites, to get there fast
• search favorites, to find them fast
• GIF export, because sharing is good” Check it here: