Psarakia just updated for Blackberries to support BB Bold

“From the makers of PaintBall & Frutakia a ‘fresh’ idea of puzzle gaming that won’t let you alone! Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!
• Game Objective:
Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!
* 16bit crystal clear graphics!
* Full screen graphics!
* Frame by frame smooth animation
* Roller navigator support
* Rich Sound effects (Only if device support it)
* Export Hi-Scores to internet
—12/Aug/2008 UPDATE (1.1) —
* Specially designed for Blackberry Bold!
* Blackberry KickStart compartible.” Check it here:

Samsung SGH i688 and SGH L288

Hundreds of athletes will be tested at this year’s Olympics. Talent, willpower and stamina will be placed on the line with this event. Samsung, as the official Olympic wireless communication provider since 1996 will also be put to the test as its TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) phones becomes the official 3G handset for over 18,000 Olympic staff members and journalists during the games.
This standard 3G connectivity developed in China allows the Samsung SGH-i688 and SGH-L288, both TD-SCDMA phones, to access Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) and has privileges to access OCM2008 (Olympic Communication Messaging) 2008. It will provide schedules, weather, and results. Samsung’s devices will allow WOW access without having to switch between mobile handsets, walkie-talkies and PDAs.
Here are four phones that can access all features above:
1. E848: world’s thinnest slider-type phone
2. SGH-F268: slider-type, with a 2.1-inch display
3. SGH-L288: candybar-type model with a 2.6-inch screen
4. SGH-i688: slider-type that runs on Windows Mobile, which will be issued to 2,000 VIPs during the games, including Olympic officials
Samsung SGH i688 is the handset that only work in TD-SCDMA network. The rest can be used in 3G or 3.5G connectivity.” via

More BlackBerry Javelin Hardware Sweetness!

If you’re not dreaming of the BlackBerry Bold, ‘ThunderStorm’ or KickStart when you lie in bed at night, odds are it’s the Javelin that’s dancing through your head. We’ve seen quite a bit of the Javelin in the past few weeks, and these new images further clarify and confirm the details.
Items of note:

  • 512 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB onboard flash memory (more room for apps)
  • Hot-swappable microSD slot – located under the battey door
  • 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Micro USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data

Keep in mind the date on the screen caps above as you check out these images – May 21st…though May 21st, 2008 was a Wednesday and not a Tuesday! Poining being, while these images are new to the net, they may be “older” than some of the live devices we have recently seen in the wild. These images make me wonder whether the final release keyboard buttons will be green or red?! ” Read more here:

Upgrade your HTC Diamond 1.93 ROM now widely available

The Hong Kong version of the updated Diamond ROM appeared a couple of weeks back, however it’s now available for more countries in the HTC eClub. It’s version 1.93 and is available for the UK and other European countries – from what we’re hearing, it’s rather spiffing.
Improvements include camera navigation, text alert speed, tab-switching speed and a new city selector in the weather tab to make it easier and quicker to choose your location. As usual with ROM updates you should backup your pictures and other documents, charge your device well and
install the file. This is for network-free handsets like those sold by devicewire, although the ROM is already popping up in other places too.” via