Gigabyte GSmart t600 Review

” GSmart t600 runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional without any substantial changes in the interface. Despite been able to receive digital TV broadcasts, its capabilities are almost identical to the ones of the other phones using the same OS.The manufacturer has not left the interface totally “naked” and there are a few innovations. One of them are the Quick Launch icons on the homescreen. There are 7 of them, giving you fast access to: e-mail, phone recording , background effects, answering machine, sound & notifications, USB connection mode and screen rotation. However, they are too small to be pressed with a finger and their functionality cannot be modified.” Read more here:

Motorola Q9h 6.1 Update Officially Available

“Mike, who’d previously let us know about that leaked out 6.1 update has been watching Motorola’s site like a ravenous hawk hovering over a field mouse. That mouse has finally popped out of its hole: head on over to Motorola’s site for the official Motorola Q9h 6.1 Update.You’re going to need the standard complement of update tools before you get going: Windows XP or Vista, internet connectivity (the software just might be calling home to check to see if your Q9h is legit), and a full backup before you update. Like all ROM updates, this one will wipe your device, so get prepared.Welcome to the sliding panel glory of Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Q9h everybody. I’ve been in here for awhile, and let me tell you: jump on in, the water’s fine.Download the installer directly here” via