Hand Reading Pro and Best Tarot Pro just updated to v1.1 for Blackberries

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Hand Reading Pro just updated (v1.1) to support the Blackberry Bold.
This hand reading software will guide you to self-understanding with many simple and entertaining image tests. Learn Hand Analysis / Reading with your mobile phone. Surprise and impress your friends. Discover more about yourself. Entertain your family or even read other people’s hands and know more about them”Click here for more:
Best Tarot Pro just updated for Blackberries to support the BB Bold!
—19/Aug/2008 UPDATE (1.1) —
* Specially designed for Blackberry Bold!
* Blackberry KickStart compartible. Click here for more:

Palm Quietly Unveils the Treo Pro Smartphone

“Early this morning, Palm released two official press photos of the Treo Pro along with a short video of the handset in action. The company didn’t reveal a whole lot of information other than the following: the Treo Pro smartphone features a one-touch Wi-Fi button, GPS, runs the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and has a high-resolution flush-fitting color touchscreen.Based on earlier leaks, we learned that the Treo Pro will also feature a 3.5mm headphone socket, 320×320 pixel display, microUSB connector (rather than Palm’s previous proprietary connector), and is rumored to sport a 400MHz processor with performance described as “snappy”. Memory was given as 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM.” via slashgear.com

Expansys outs BlackBerry 8210, 8220 before RIM

“That’s right folks! Even before RIM could rake in the credit for making its first clamshell BlackBerry (and by the looks of it, probably the last), Expansys decided to blow the lid off the BlackBerry 8220 aka the Kickstart. Not content with just the pics, the guys went ahead and posted all the technical deets you wanna see before giving it a miss. Anyways, here they are, just for you…
Update: It turns out that not only did Expansys leak the 8220 but also its GPS toting sibling — the 8210 — that has the same specs but trades Wi-Fi connectivity for AGPS!” via cellpassion.mobi

The Android Wars: The Battle for Smartphone Users Begins!

As I am sure all of you have heard the release of Google’s open source operating system is right around the corner. As Jon posted yesterday, T-Mobile is having some weird special event pre-sale to kick off the release of the first Android device, the HTC Dream, and T-Mobile subscribers can expect to pick up this new handset for a mere $150USD. This is an amazing price for a touch screen smartphone. As some of you have probably heard me say before, as of the last Android SDK release, the operating system felt more like a collection of stuff rather than a useable mobile platform. With the recent release of the Android SDK we can see a lot of that “hobbyist” feel that usually accompanies most things open source start to peel away from the device as Google shapes Android up to a viable iPhone killer.” Read more here: