Faster and better Google Mobile App on your Blackberry

“Now you can have faster and better access to Google browsing with the new Google Mobile App launched for Blackberry. It comes with a free download option and allows you to perform searches made in Google easier. With this application, the earlier tedious wait for a browser to load is over. This faster Google search application also comes with options of Search History which allows you to access and edit your previous search keywords/ queries in a more organized manner. Also it lets you to get your queries complete with fewer requirements for typing them out. At the same time this App also gives you a better access to the products and web-based services of Google. What more? With this, you get direct link to the Google Apps support like Google Apps Calendar, documents and Spreadsheets as well. Moreover, with the Update alerts, downloading and updating newer versions of Google mobile applications is just a click away. So, happy browsing!” via