Hands on with Sony Ericssons latest Xperia X1 Built (video)

Following Sony Ericsson’s announcement from last week to finally launch the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 later this month, thanks to O2 Germany – which confirmed the upcoming launch as well – last weekend I got my hands on an Xperia X1 as well. And while the device was still based on the pre-production hardware, the Windows Mobile ROM built was way newer, actually it was from early September and I was told that, even if not the release candidate, this Beta comes pretty close to what the final software should look. First of all, the ROM is way faster than everything I’ve seen on an X1 before. Switching between portrait and landscape mode just seems to take milliseconds only and also the panels start much faster than before.” Watch this nice video here:

Nokia E series E75 and E72 cell phones leaked

“Leaking confidential information is the growing problem. Most firms don’t know how to stop it and Nokia isn’t excluded from this rule! It is becoming really hard job for Nokia to keep the information about upcoming models hidden from the public before its official release! Not only that they fail to prevent proto testers from misusing or leaking confidential information out of the factory, they also fail to prevent marketing materials like a promo videos that are not supposed to be available before the product is officially announced. ” Read more here:

HTC's Touch HD caught on video

“HTC recently announced its Touch HD handset – its main feature being the 800 x 480 (WVGA) 3.8″ touchscreen.A video of the Touch HD has been posted on the video-sharing site, Youtube. In the video, which lasts at just over twelve minutes and a half, you get a detailed look at the high resolution screen, a quick look at the web browser, running in full-screen mode, a quick tour of the 5 MP camera, and maps application. The video will have to tie you over for a while, as no infrmation, or pricing, has been released by HTC.” via mobile-review.com