Symbian S60 5th edition software review!

“Designing touchscreen-enabled phones, Nokia tried to tweak them both for finger- and stylus-based data input. Obviously, handwriting text entry works much better when using the stylus, although the 5800 allows writing symbols with bare fingers as well. We ran through all data input methods available in the Nokia 5800 in the first installment of the review, so we won’t touch on them here. In order to avoid accidental presses, the 5800’s touch-sensitive display has to remain locked when idle. You can do that by pushing the slider key on the right or opt to rely on the phone’s inbuilt auto screen lock feature. While in a call, the 5800 will disable the screen automatically with the help of its proximity sensor. ” Read more here:

First look at the Moto Krave ZN4!!

“One intrepid Verizon user was able to score a Motorola Krave ZN4 before it’s official release next week. So far he seems pretty happy with it saying “I am very impressed. Motorola did a great job. Solid fee. Loud ear speaker. Glass not plastic screen (just like iPhone). Excellent call quality so far. Read text with lid closed. Nice and BIG like v9m.” When we asked about the call quality, we were told “Just got off the phone and the call quality is typical Motorola excellence.” Regarding texting, he says “I had the dare and this phone is much easier to text with even though the keys are smaller. It is more accurate to the touch. In fact the whole touch screen in general is more accurate. The Dare is somewhat sloppy.” More photos here: