Information Newly Leaked on the Nokia E63

Nokia E63

“Leaks are more common the closer a product gets to release, and Nokia is no stranger to this rhythm. A model previously leaked as the E63 has had its physical design and more specific specifications come to light.The User-Agent Profile for the E63, which can be found on Nokia’s own website, points to this being a Symbian S60 Feature Pack 1 (version 3.1) device with a 320-by-240-pixel screen.Leaked images and descriptions indicate that the Nokia E63 will look almost exactly like the Nokia E71, but a slightly scaled-back version of the current device.Within the leaked pictures, the physical screen seems smaller by a few millimeters. The bottom of the device will also be rounder, with a smaller space bar and two additional parentheses buttons.The device will also reportedly be made primarily of plastic, versus the metal shell of the E71. And it will feature a 2 MPx camera, compared to the 3.2 MPx camera on the E71.The E63 will supposedly be a GSM device supporting EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA cellular connectivity. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth — most likely version 2.0 w/EDR as in the E71 — will also be a part of the package.The E63 is rumored to be coming in three variants: an E63-1 Euro model, an E63-2 model which will have 3G removed, and an E63-3 model supporting North American 3G frequencies.It is not known when this smartphone will be available to purchase. Pricing is also unknown; however, its numerical designation does slot it under the E71, which could mean a lower price point.” via